Barney Wainwright Seminar
08 Jan 2024

SHPRC Seminar: ‘Aerodynamic 101: theory and application in cycling (Dr Barney Wainwright)

SHPRC seminar ‘Aerodynamic 101: theory and application in cycling’ by Dr Barney Wainwright (Leeds Beckett University). Date: 18th January 2024, 12h00. (Online)
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Alex Wolf SHPRC Seminar
25 Oct 2023

SHPRC Seminar: Adaptation Led: More than just effective programming (Alex Wolf) 8th November, 13h00, Online

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Sprinter' feet on blocks
09 Oct 2023

Athletics Science Publication: Neuromuscular Plantar Flexor Performance of Sprinters versus Physically Active Individuals

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GAA-hurling-2 players
22 Aug 2023

New Research demonstrates that GAA players regularly implement a range of post-exercise recovery strategies in an attempt to accelerate the time course and magnitude of recovery

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two boys on grass and soccer ball
20 Jul 2023

New SHPRC Publication indicates that higher family affluence is associated with multi-sport participation among Irish youth

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plantar flexor muscle and ankle
18 Jul 2023

Athletics Science Publication: Research Findings highlight that ankle angle changes can influence the reliability of mechanical measures of the plantar flexors

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Effect of different strength training modalities_female team sport athletes
07 Mar 2023

Publication: The Effect of Different Strength Training Modalities on Sprint Performance in Female Team-Sport Athletes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Sprint performance in female team-sport athletes can be enhanced by strength training (i.e., reactive-, maximal-, combined-, and special-strength modalities). Compared with maximal- or special-strength programmes, reactive- and combined-strength training methods can have a greater effect on sprint performance.
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28 Feb 2023

Publication: Exploring Recommendations for Child and Adolescent Fundamental Movement Skills Development: A Narrative Review

This paper explored whether the frequency, intensity, time, and type (FITT) principle commonly used in fitness training could be transferable to interventions focusing on FMS development, and if so, whether sufficient consistency of findings exists to guide practitioners in their session design.
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IRIS_4th year findings
14 Feb 2023

Irish Rugby Injury Surveillance (IRIS) release fourth year of findings on injury incidence in the Men’s and Women’s All-Ireland League during the 2021/22 season

The IRIS Research project have released the fourth year of findings from the Irish Rugby Injury Surveillance (IRIS) research project, which looks at injury incidence in the Men’s and Women’s All-Ireland League during the 2021/22 season.
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Sleep and Nutrition in Athletes
14 Feb 2023

Publication: Sleep and Nutrition in Athletes

Despite the documented evidence to support the benefits and importance of sleep in promoting physical and mental recovery and performance in athletes it is clear from the current literature that sleep inadequacy has been reportedly high amongst elite athlete populations.
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Ruth Wood-Martin Video
17 Jan 2023

Recording: Ruth Wood-Martin Seminar: "Lessons learnt from a Career in Sport"

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17 Jan 2023

Publication: Effect of COVID-19 lockdown on injury incidence and burden in amateur Rugby Union

Collaboration between IRIS (Irish Rugby Injury Surveillance) Prof Ian Kenny, Dr Tom Comyns, and Argentinian researchers Prof Eduardo Tondelli and Santiago Zabaloy explored an analysis of Southern hemishpere rugby injury burden resulting from the Covid-19 lockdown.
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