The management and governance of the SHPRC is as follows:  

  • Two directors (Prof Giles Warrington and Prof Ian Kenny)
  • Management Group (Theme Leaders: Prof Drew Harrison, Prof Giles Warrington, Dr SarahJane Cullen, Prof Ian Kenny, Prof Mark Campbell, Dr Adam Toth, Dr Frank Nugent, Dr Tom Comyns;  Research Support: Rhoda Sohun
  • UL Members and collaborators
  • External Members and collaborators

The Management Group meets every 6-8 weeks to ensure progress of key performance indicators.

The SHPRC includes members in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, the School of Allied Health, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the School of Medicine at the University of Limerick. In addition, the SHPRC includes membership from other academic institutions (national and international) and national sporting bodies and organisations. 

The members meet at least on a quarterly basis and receive periodic updates on the development of the centre and progress on research activities and key performance indicators.