The esports science theme focuses on the key performance indicators of health and performance in esports and has been funded for the past 6 years through Science Foundation Ireland and Industry partnerships. The esports theme plans to grow its remit and influence in the wider fields of Sport and Human Performance. Currently, a team of 8 full-time researchers across the domains of psychology, neuroscience, biomechanics, computer science, and software engineering contribute to the esports science theme.


  • Carry out ground-breaking and influential experimental science in esports and video gaming.  
  • Secure funding and capital investment beyond the 2024 current funding timeline
  • Grow the knowledge base of esports science and train and upskill expertise in SHPRC members
  • Grow the inter and intra-disciplinary team expertise in esports science

Theme Leads
Prof Mark Campbell, 
PESS Department, University of Limerick.  
Google Scholar
Dr Adam Toth, PESS Department, University of Limerick, Ireland. Google Scholar

SHPRC members and other researchers aligned to esports science

  • Dr Fazilat Hojaji, Research Fellow, University of Limerick.
  • Tim Smithies (PhD Student), PESS Department, University of Limerick Profile
  • Sarah Cregan (PhD Student), PESS Department, University of Limerick
  • John Joyce (Research Assistant)


Esports Performance | €1.4 M
Gamer Science | €834 k 
SIM Racing Science | €486 k
Quantified Performance (Gaming Peripherals) | €200 k
Latency & Esports Performance | €25 k


1 Research Fellow (Dr Fazilat Hojaji) 
3 Post Doctoral Researchers (Dr James Patton, Dr Adam Toth, +1 to be recruited)
4 PhD Students (Tim Smithies, Sarah Cregan, Anton Dupuy, +1 to be recruited)
7 Research Assistants (Niall Ramsbottom, Conor Stephens, Yemaya Halbrook, Sophie Cunneen, John Joyce, Magdalena Kowal, Eoin Conroy)
3 Internships (Anna McCurdy, Gianpaolo Pedroni, Yasmin Adel)


Journal Publications

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