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Prof. Tony Dundon

Research Interests

Tony's research interests include aspects of employment regulation and work equalities: employee voice; worker silence; trade union organisation; gig-economy work; technology and digital work platforms; HRM & organisational performance; labour migration.

Professional Activities


  • 2017 - Literati Paper Award (with M Heffernan)
  • 2016 - Best Conference Thematic Paper (with B Harney)
  • 2016 - Teresa Brannick Award (with B Harney)
  • 2010 - President's Award for Teaching and Learning Excellence
  • 2006 - Literati Paper Award (with M. Marchington, A. Wilkinson, P. Ackers)
  • 2006 - Best Conference Paper
  • 1998 - Research Excellence Literati Award (with D Eva)


  • 2013 Irish Government Apprenticeship Commission , Member of Government Commission (Republic of Ireland) to review and revise occupations and skills for apprenticeship training and qualifications
  • 2004 Irish Academy of Management (IAM) ,
  • 2003 Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA),
  • 2003 Irish Association for Industrial Relations ,


  • 2013 Fellow, Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS)
  • 2003 Member, Irish Association for Industrial Relations
  • 2001 Member, Irish Academy of Management (IAM)
  • 2000 Member, British Academy of Management (BAM)
  • 1999 Member, Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA)
  • 1997 Member, British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA)
  • 1997 Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)


  • Honorary Visiting Professor: University of St Andrews Management School, Scotland
  • Visiting Research Fellow: Queensland University of Technology Business School, Australia (March-April 2016)
  • Visiting Research Fellow: Centre for Work Organisation and Wellbeing, Griffith University Business School, Australia (Jan-Feb 2016)
  • Visiting Research Scholar: Toulouse Business School, France (April – June 2010)
  • International Visiting Research Fellow: University of Sydney, Australia (Dec 2008 - April 2009)
  • Visiting Research Fellow: Bowater School of Management, Deakin University, Melbourne (Jan 2005-April 2006)
  • Visiting Professor: Work & Equalities Institute (WEI), Alliance Manchester Business School, UK




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Other Publication


Precarious conditions in university sector put all of society at risk
Tumulty, P., Dundon, T., Ryan, L. and Dobbins, T.

Peer Reviewed Journal


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