Graphic with UL logo in top left text left of centre of President's Research Excellence and Impact Awards

The President’s Research Excellence and Impact Awards recognise staff at all University levels who have made outstanding contributions in the excellence and impact of their research (beyond academia).

There are three categories of Research Excellence and Impact Awards.




Outstanding Research Collaboration

This award celebrates the achievements of research collaborations by recognising their excellent research that delivers impact and an outstanding contribution to their field. Collaborations will differ among disciplines and can be composed of staff from all career stages as well as external partners and academic collaborators. Multidisciplinary collaborations are encouraged to be considered for the award. Eligible collaboration applications must be led by a University of Limerick staff member who is an employee of the University at the time of the award presentation.

Two women standing in from of a UL branded backdrop. The woman on the right is holding an awards medal





Dr Clodagh Toomey with UL President Professor Kerstin Mey

Early Career Researcher

This award celebrates individuals in the early stages of their research career, defined as those who have held a post that includes responsibility for developing their own research agenda. There are two categories for this award, Starting & Consolidator. 




Research Output Award

The President's Research Excellence and Impact Research Output Award is a new award for 2023. This award celebrates and acknowledges the excellent research that has been carried out in UL. Research outputs include research that is published, disseminated, or made publicly available in the form of accessible research outputs. Candidates should submit one output for consideration for this award.

Jennifer Schweppe, Sindy Joyce, Amadna Haynes