Professor O'Malley teaches modules on Strategic Market Relations on the Executive MBA and Marketing Leadership to students on the MSc in Marketing, Consumption & Society at the University of Limerick. She encourages critical, creative and reflective engagement with her material and has won several awards for Teaching Excellence.

Professor O'Malley is currently Principle Researcher on a Multi-Disciplinary EPA funded project on Mainstreaming the Circular Economy. She is particularly interested on how collaboration and market partnerships can support mission critical activities for firms, and, for society more broadly including advancing the sustainability agenda. Her work has been published in world class journals including
Marketing Theory, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Consumption, Markets & Culture, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Marketing Management and Journal of Business Ethics.

Professor O'Malley is currently Deputy Chair of the Academy of Marketing, the foremost professional body for marketing academics in the UK. She is also a member of the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Theory, the Journal of Services Marketing and the Journal of Customer Behaviour.

Research Interests

Relationship Marketing, Marketing Leadership, Critical Marketing, Interpretive Consumer Research.

Professional Activities


  • 2001 Nottingham Trent University - Ph.D.
  • 1992 University of Limerick - M.B.S.
  • 1989 Buckinghamshire College of Education - Graduate Diploma
  • 1986 University of Limerick - B. Business Studies


  • 2000 University of Nottingham - Senior Lecturer in Marketing
  • 1996 Cardiff University - Lecturer in Marketing
  • 1992 University of Glamorgan - Lecturer in Marketing

Peer Reviewed Journals



Exploring Direct Marketing

O'Malley, L; Patterson, M; Evans, MJ (1999) Exploring Direct Marketing. London : International Thomson Business Press

Book Chapters


Living the History of the Titanic in Cobh

Panayiotopoulos, A; Lichrou, M; O'Malley, L; Patterson, M (2018) Living the History of the Titanic in Cobh. London : Routledge Cultural Heritage: A Research Anthology


Place branding and place narratives

Lichrou, M., Patterson, M., O'Malley, L. and O'Leary, K. (2017) Place branding and place narratives. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Handbook on Place Branding and Marketing


Marketing Theory

O'Malley, L. and M. Lichrou (2016) Marketing Theory. UK : Routledge The Marketing Book


Paperback Mother

O'Malley, L; Patterson, M; Ni Bheachain, C (2006) Paperback Mother. Consuming Books: The Marketing and Consumption of Literature :83-95

Edited Books

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Other Journals

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Conference Publications


Academy of Marketing

Pramendorfer, C; Story, V; O'Malley, L; Pereira-Heath, T (2013) Academy of Marketing.


Consumer Culture Theory

Davies, A.S Dobscha, S. Geiger, S Prothero, A.P Sorensen, E. O'Donoghue, S Thomsen, T. (2008) Consumer Culture Theory.

Conference Contributions


Academy of Marketing Conference 2015

O'Malley L., Patterson, M., Lynch, L., Carroll, C., Lichrou, M., Ryan, A., Fahy, J. O'Loughlin, D., O'Connell, B. (2015) Academy of Marketing Conference 2015.

Published Reports

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