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Prof. Conleth Hussey


Prof Hussey is widely published in optical waveguide theory and design; optical fibre device theory, design and fabrication. He has invented some new devices and processes and successfully transferred device technology industry, including: Fused Tapered Coupler Fabrication technology to Sumicem Optoelectronics Ireland Ltd. and Gyroscope Coupler Fabrication technology to Feasa Enterprises, Ireland. He has a record of academic teaching, research supervision and innovation for which he became the first academic at UL to achieve a Doctor in Science for work actually carried out at UL.

Current interests are: the relationships between post-Cantorian set-theory and the fundamentals of the quantum theory; the mathematical physics of the quantum properties of fields and materials, in particular, non-equilibrium phase transitions and optical interactions with materials; the re-enchantment of mathematics and science education at all levels.

Research Interests

Broadband - Electro-optical Technology - Electro-optics - Fiber Optics - Halfway Programs - Optical Communications - Telecommunications - Wave Equations