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Ms. Therese Hennessy


Therese is a lecturer who works in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Limerick. Since qualifying as a registered psychiatric nurse, she has worked in both clinical practice and nurse education in Ireland and the U.K. Her clinical area of specialty was Addiction Disorders.

Therese's research interests relate to nurse education, mental health, addiction, eating disorders and special needs. She is an advocate for people with special needs and is very interested in promoting good healthcare provision for people with Down Syndrome. Her methodological areas of expertise are in mixed methodologies and qualitative research.

Research Interests

Drug and Alcohol misuse, dual diagnosis. Therapeutic interpersonal communication. Eating Disorders, Suicide, Self-harm and improving health outcomes for people with Special Needs

Teaching Interests

Dual Diagnosis (mental illness and substance misuse), Drug and alcohol misuse/addiction; Eating disorders; Self harming behaviours; Developing relationships in Nursing practice; Recovery and psychosocial interventions ; Group work in mental health settings and nurses use of counselling skills.

Professional Activities


  • 2006 Evalualtion Curriculum BSc Nusing and Midwifery Undergraduate programme,
  • 2006 Diploma in Drug and Alcohol, The committee oversees the programme which aims for personal and professional growth and development of individuals working in community, voluntary, statutory and non-statutory organisations who are actively engaged in responding to drug and alcohol issues, across the spectrum from prevention and education to treatment and rehabilitation. The course content aims to build upon existing knowledge and skills among participants, with a focus on developing theoretical and evidence based knowledge together with a range of practical skills to enable them to respond effectively and appropriately to drugs and alcohol issues in their work setting. The programme has a commitment to principles and values underpinning lifelong and adult learning. Learning takes place in an environment that is conducive to intellectual growth and personal development. Reflective practice, critical discourse and active participation are encouraged. Course participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy Development UL,


  • 2004 University of Limerick - Lecturer (Dept Nursing & Midwifery)
  • 2001 HSE Western region - Nurse Tutor
  • 1997 HSE Western region - RPN/Addiction counsellor
  • 1997 Bethlem & Maudsley NHS Trust, London UK - Community Nurse in addiction services
  • 1995 West London NHS Trust, London UK - Clinical and Community Nurse specialising in addic