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Ms. Sarah Hudson


Sarah studied Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin were she was a Trinity Foundation Scholar and where she did a research masters on the synthesis of a family of Re (I) metal complexes and a study of their photophysical properties with Prof John Kelly. Her PhD in the University of Limerick focussed on the immobilization of enzymes onto novel mesoporous supports and their catalytic properties with Prof Edmond Magner, Prof Kieran Hodnett and Dr Jakki Cooney. She secured a Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship to work with Prof Robert Langer in MIT, USA. There she developed in situ crosslinkable hydrogel systems for cartilage regeneration and drug delivery and she also studied the biocompatibility (in vivo and in vitro) of micro- and nano- mesoporous silica particles. After this fellowship, Sarah worked in Waterford Institute of Technology on the identification of the mechanisms and causes of tablet splitting within the Genzyme Ireland facility. Since November 2011, Sarah has been a lecturer in Chemistry in the Department of Chemical Sciences and a researcher in the Bernal Institute in the University of Limerick. She is a funded investigator in the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Research Centre (SSPC) since 2013.

Research Interests

The Hudson group focuses on the manipulation of the physicochemical properties of small and large active molecules to improve their stability, solubility and dissolution rates with the ultimate goal of improving the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients. They explore the solution and solid state behaviour of these molecules both during formulation/manufacture into medicines and in biorelevant environments. Their research focuses on the thermodynamics behind aggregation, crystallisation and precipitation in a range of solvents and bio relevant media and develops formulations and structures to control this solution/solid state behaviour.

Current Postdoctoral researchers:
Dr Edel Durack (SFI CDA)

Current PhD students:
Ajay Kumar (SFI, SSPC)
James Flynn (SFI, CDA)
Sally Ryan (SFI, Curam)
Michele Dully (IRC, COOK Medical)
Miriama Ceresnakova (IRC, COOK Medical)
Aoibhin Ryan (IRC)

Current MSc students:
Tracey Carroll (Sanofi Genzyme)

Former PhD students:
Dr Teresa Tierney (IRCSET, SSPC)
Dr Raquel Arribas Bueno (SFI SSPC)
Dr Pauric Bannigan (SFI CDA)
Dr Vivek Verma (SFI SSPC)
Dr Katalin Bodnar (SFI SSPC)

Former Masters students:
Sarah Mallen (SFI CDA)

Teaching Interests

Sarah is a lecturer in Physical and General Chemistry to undergraduate chemistry students. She also is coordinator for the core chemistry curriculum for training second level chemistry teachers, including chemistry pedagogy. She has engaged in peer observation exercises with colleagues from the Civil and Mechanical engineering departments and have worked on integrating their suggestions for problem based and self directed learning into her own teaching style. She engages with technology during lectures, where advantageous and appropriate, e.g. using clicker quizzes to motivate student participation and promote class discussion on topics. Her ambition is to stimulate a passion, or at least a curiosity, in her students and strives to do this by emphasizing the importance and relevance of each topic for life and their education.

Professional Activities


  • 2014 Member, Marie Curie Alumni Association


  • 2013 - MSSI Innovation Award
  • 2013 - PI in the Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre
  • 2013 - Academic Partner in Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Grant
  • 2012 - Principal Supervisor of an IRCSET Student
  • 2012 - Fast Moving Front paper
  • 2007 - Best Post-graduate Web of Science Journal Publication
  • 2006 - Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowship
  • 2005 - BOC Gases Post Graduate Bursary
  • 1997 - Foundation Scholar of Trinity College Dublin


  • 2013 University of Limerick - Diploma
  • 2006 University of Limerick - PhD
  • 2000 Trinity College Dublin - Masters by research
  • 1999 Trinity College Dublin - BA (Mod)


  • Volunteered at the St Vincent de Paul grind school in Moyross 2011-2012
  • School placement tutor for training education students 2012-present


Conference Publication


33rd Annual MSI Meeting
Tanner D. A. Nakahara S. Hudson S. Magner E. Redington W. Hodnett K.


8th International Symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformations
Hudson, S., J. Cooney, B. K. Hodnett and E. Magner.


Europacat-VII, Seventh European Congree on Catalysis
Hudson S., Magner E., Cooney J. and B.K. Hodnett


Microscopical Society of Ireland 29th Annual Symposium
Hudson S., Tanner D.A., Redington W., Magner E, Hodnett, K. and Nakahara S.


Hudson, S., Hodnett, B.K., Cooney, J., and Magner, E.


Biotrans 2005 Symposium, The key to Industrial Biotechnology
Hudson S., Goradia D., White S., Cooney J., Hodnett B.K. and E. Magner

Other Publication


Proteins in Mesoporous Silicates
Hudson, S; Cooney, J; Magner, E
DOI: 10.1002/anie.200705238

Peer Reviewed Journal


Mesoporous matrices for the delivery of the broad spectrum bacteriocin, nisin A
Flynn, J;Mallen, S;Durack, E;O'Connor, PM;Hudson, SP
Journal of colloid and interface science DOI: 10.1016/j.jcis.2018.11.037


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