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Mr. Declan Dineen

Research Interests

WORK IN PROGRESS: 1.An analysis of yield in Irish tourism. Labour Market economics; Macroeconometrics; economics of the tourism industry 2.An econometric model of tourism international demand. 1.Collation and preparation of a statistical database in Irish tourism. Irish tourism, airport privatisation, the economic impact of the Corporate Games, yield and Irish tourism, demand analysis and the public economic impact of a National Stadium.

Professional Activities


  • 2000 London School of Economics Summer School, - Advanced Econometrics.?
  • 1997 Essex International Summer School in Social Scienc - Time Series: Applications and Advances
  • 1996 UCC - Master of Arts
  • 1994 University College, Cork - Higher Diploma
  • 1993 UCC - Bachelor of Arts


  • 2000 University of Limerick - Junior Lecturer
  • 1998 University of Limerick - Research Fellow
  • 1996 University of Limerick - Teacher
  • 1995 University College Cork - Teacher


  • 1899 Data Analysis Laboratory Committee, College of Business.,
  • 1899 Irish Economic Association,
  • 1899 Irish Economic Association.,


Conference Contribution

Conference Publication


DEW Economic Policy Conference
Deegan, J. and D. J. Dineen.

Other Publication


Ireland TSA Progress Report
Deegan, J; Dineen, DJ; Wanhill, S
American Journal Of Physiology-Heart And Circulatory Ph

Peer Reviewed Journal


Drivers of SME performance: a holistic and multivariate approach
Ipinnaiye, O; Dineen, D; Lenihan, H
Small Business Economics DOI: 10.1007%2Fs11187-016-9819-5


Analysing the Drivers of Services Firm Performance: Evidence for Ireland
Ipinnaiye, O; Dineen, D; Lenihan, H
Economic And Social Review DOI: