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Marie Curie awardees

Awardees by Faculty 

Arts Humanities & Social Sciences James Sargan Science & Engineering Alison O'Connor
  Sergi Morales   William Cheuquepan Valenzuela
  Piotr Godzisz   Julia Alvarez-Malmagro
Education & Health Sciences Aurelie van Hoye    Sumesh Sasidharan
  Dino Carpentras    Mehakpreet Singh
  Lucia Mundo    Ibrahim Saana Aminu
Kemmy Business School Arash Kia    Mary O'Keefe


2020 Awardees

Dr James Sargan is studying new scientific approaches to the study of premodern books. James gained his PhD at the University of Oxford and will join UL from the University of Toronto. He is working with Dr Carrie Griffin in the School of English, Irish and Communication.


Dr Alison O’Connor is researching how the operational lifetime of critical infrastructure can be improved through artificial intelligence. Dr OConnor moved to UL from Imperial College London where she completed her PhD and postdoctoral studies in engineering structural integrity. Alison works with Professor Noel ODowd as part of both the Bernal Institute and Confirm centre.

Dr William Cheuquepan Valenzuela, originally from Chile, is investigating a novel, disruptive and sustainable approach to photoelectrocatalytic carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction. The aim is to achieve an unprecedented control of the degree of photo-reduction of CO2 to high-value hydrocarbons in a biphasic system. He joined Dr Micheál D Scanlon’s group in the Department of Chemical Sciences and the Bernal Institute.

Dr Julia Alvarez-Malmagro is developing a prototype 3D printed bio/reactor for the controlled production of pharmaceutical materials in a stand-alone environment. She is a member o fProf. Edmond Magner and Prof. Vivek Ranade´s groups in the Department of Chemical Sciences and the Bernal Institute. Dr. Alvarez-Malmagro completed her PhD in spectroelectrochemistry at the University of Seville, Spain.

Dr Aurélie Van Hoye  is researching health promoting sports club’s policies, working with Professor Catherine Woods in the Dept Physical Education and Sport Sciences. Dr Van Hoye completed her PhD at the University of Grenoble-Alpes and is Associate Professor at the University of Lorraine. 

2019 Awardees

Dr Sergi Morales is studying the ethical and political issues faced by linguistically diverse societies with Dr Andrew Shorten, Department of Politics and Public Administration. Dr Morales completed his PhD and postdoc in Philosophy at KU Leuven. Dr Morales achieved a score of 100% for his project, one of only three to do so in the social sciences across Europe.

Dr Piotr Godzisz is a member of the Hate and Hostility Research Group working on the diffusion of international hate crime norms in EU accession states. He works with Dr Amanda Haynes (Sociology) and Dr Jennifer Schweppe (Law). Dr Godzisz completed his PhD in Criminology at University College London and joined UL from Birmingham City University​.

Dr Dino Carpentras studies the spread of opinions related to vaccine hesitancy using mathematical and computational modelling. Dr Carpentras completed his PhD in Photonics and postdoc at EPFL Lausanne. He works with Dr Mike Quayle in the Department of Psychology and Prof James Gleeson, Dept of Maths and Statistics.

Dr Lucia Mundo researches the Epstein–Barr virus (EBV) and its role in EBV-driven cancers. Dr Mundo completed her PhD and postdoc in medical biotechnology at the University of Siena and works with Prof Paul Murray at the Health Research Institute, UL

Dr Sumesh Sasidharan researches the role of myocardial perfusion on cardiac health and works with Prof Jacques Huyghe in the Bernal Institute. With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, India, an Australia-Endeavour Fellowship at the University of Western Australia, he joined UL from Imperial College London. 

2018 Awardees

Dr Mehakpreet Singh was Ireland’s first ever perfect scoring Marie Curie fellow achieving 100/100 for his research proposal with Prof Gavin Walker. He was one of only nine in Europe to have done so in 2019. He is working on a project on mathematical modelling of particulate processes for pharmaceutical drug manufacturing in the Bernal Institute.

Dr Ibrahim Saana Aminu gained his PhD in 2017 from Wuhan University of Technology, China. Ibrahim’s project focuses on the development of novel porous graphite cathodes with chemically tuneable-architecture (surface morphology, pore-hierarchy, rigidity and conductivity) for advanced rechargeable aluminium-ion batteries (AlBs). Ibrahim was the University’s Marie Curie Ambassador for 2020. 

Dr Arash Kia obtained his PhD in 2018 from the University of Tehran specializing in artificial intelligence models to estimate financial risk in global capital markets. Arash is working with Dr Finbarr Murphy in the Emerging Risk Group based in the KBS and is using the same AI models to examine the liability of cyber risks, particularly for autonomous vehicles.


2017 Awardees

Dr Mary O’Keeffe was the first UL graduate to receive the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Global Fellowship from the European Commission. The award enabled Dr O’Keeffe to attend the George Institute for Global Health at University of Sydney, Australia, one of the top ten research institutions in the world for scientific impact. There, she was hosted for two years by Professor Chris Maher who is the world leader in lower-back-pain research.