Joachim Fischer studied in Mainz, Glasgow, Bonn and Trinity College Dublin. He holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Cultural Studies and is Director of the Centre for European Studies. He is also Senior Lecturer in German and Deputy Director of the Centre for Irish-German Studies.

Research Interests

The history of Irish-German relations; cultural dimensions of European integration; the Irish image of Germany; national images and stereotypes; Shannon Scheme; travel literature; Ernst Toller; utopian studies; film studies; Fritz Lang.

Professional Activities


  • 2013 Germany group, Institute for International and European Affairs, Dublin,
  • 2006 Executive Committee, International Association for the Study of Irish Literature,


  • 2009 - Research Fellow, Institute for European History, Mainz
  • 2009 - Distinguished Lecturer Award, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany
  • 2008 - IRCHSS Senior Fellowship
  • 1999 - DAAD Scholarship for Senior Academics
  • 1997 - Third Level Exchange Programme (Professorenaustausch)


  • 1996 Trinity College - PhD
  • 1983 Universität Mainz - MA


  • 1990 University of Limerick - Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in German
  • 1984 Dept. of German, University College Cork - DAAD Lektor and Assistant Lecturer
  • 1983 Dept. of Comparative Philology, University of Mainz, Germany - Part-time Lecturer in Celtic Philology


  • member, Conference of University Teachers of German of Great Britain and Ireland (CUTG)
  • Member, Association for Third Level Teachers of German in Ireland
  • Member, Utopian Studies Society


  • English
  • German
  • Irish
  • French

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Deutsch in Irland.

Fischer J, Schewe M (2010) Deutsch in Irland. . Berlin, New York : de Gruyter Mouton Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache. Ein internationales Handbuch. Vol. 2. :1689-1693



Fischer, J; Lynch, P; Coates, B (2006) Introduction. Amsterdam : Rodopi Back to the Present, Forward to the Past: Irish Writing and History since 1798. Vol. I. :1-4



Fischer, J; Neville, G (2005) Introduction.. Cork : Collins Press As Others See Us: Cork through European Eyes. Cork: Collins Press 2005, 1-5 :1-5

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