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Dr. Yoga Nathan

Teaching Interests

I am a PBL Tutor for the Graduate Entry Medical School Year 1 & 2 students.
I teach Public Health to the Graduate Entry Medical students from year 1 to year 4.
Areas of Interest are: Health Needs Assessment, Health Inequalities, Refugee Health, Ethnicity, Risk & trends & Causality, Epidemiology of diseases, Population Health, Population Health Research and Palliative Care


Peer Reviewed Journal


Soluble ST2 Associates with Diabetes but Not Established Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A New Inflammatory Pathway of Relevance to Diabetes?
Miller, AM,Purves, D,McConnachie, A,Asquith, DL,Batty, GD,Burns, H,Cavanagh, J,Ford, I,McLean, JS,Packard, CJ,Shiels, PG,Turner, H,Velupillai, YN,Deans, KA,Welsh, P,McInnes, IB,Sattar, N
Plos One DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0047830


25-Hydroxyvitamin D is lower in deprived groups, but is not associated with carotid intima media thickness or plaques: Results from pSoBid
4. Susan Knox , Paul Welsh , Vladimir Bezlyak , Alex McConnachie , Emma Boulton , Kevin A. Deans , Ian Ford , G. David Batty , Harry Burns , Jonathan Cavanagh , Keith Millar , Iain B. McInnes , Jennifer McLean , Yoga Velupillai , Paul Shiels , Carol Tannahill , Chris J. Packard, A. Michael Wallace , Naveed Sattar
Atherosclerosis DOI: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2012.05.001


Early life socioeconomic status, chronic physiological stress and hippocampal N-acetyl aspartate concentrations
3. John McLean, , Rajeev Krishnadas , G. David Batty, Harry Burns , Kevin A. Deans, Ian Ford , Alex McConnachie , Agnes McGinty , Jennifer S. McLean , Keith Millar , Naveed Sattar , Paul G. Shiels , Carol Tannahill , Yoga N. Velupillai , Chris J. Packard , Barrie R. Condon , Donald M. Hadley, Jonathan Cavanagh
Behavioural Brain Research DOI: 10.1016/j.bbr.2012.08.013


Socio-economic status is associated with epigenetic differences in the pSoBid cohort
McGuinness, D,McGlynn, LM,Johnson, PC,MacIntyre, A,Batty, GD,Burns, H,Cavanagh, J,Deans, KA,Ford, I,McConnachie, A,McGinty, A,McLean, JS,Millar, K,Packard, CJ,Sattar, NA,Tannahill, C,Velupillai, YN,Shiels, PG
International Journal Of Epidemiology DOI: 10.1093/ije/dyr215


Accelerated telomere attrition is associated with relative household income, diet and inflammation in the pSoBid cohort
7. Paul G Shiels, Liane M McGlynn, Alan MacIntyre, Paul CD Johnson, G David Batty, Harry Burns, Jonathan Cavanagh, Kevin A Deans, Ian Ford, Alex McConnachie, Agnes McGinty, Jennifer S McLean, Keith Millar, Naveed Sattar, Carol Tannahill, Yoga N Velupillai and Chris J Packard
Plos One DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0022521


Early life socioeconomic adversity is associated in adult life with chronic inflammation, carotid atherosclerosis, poorer lung function and decreased cognitive performance: a cross-sectional, population-based study
Packard CJ; Bezlyak V, McLean JS; Batty GD, Ford I, Burns H, Cavanagh J, Deans KA, Henderson M; McGinty A, Millar K, Sattar N, Shiels PG, Velupillai YN, Tannahill C.
Bmc Public Health


Differences in atherosclerosis according to area level socioeconomic deprivation: cross sectional, population based study.
Deans KA, Bezlyak V, Ford I, Batty GD, Burns H, Cavanagh J, de Groot E, McGinty A, Millar K, Shiels PG, Tannahill C, Velupillai YN, Sattar N, Packard CJ.
BMJ (Clinical research ed.) DOI: 10.1136/bmj.b4170


Psychological, social and biological
Velupillai YN, Packard CJ, Batty GD, Bezlyak V, Burns H, Cavanagh J, Deans K, Ford I, McGinty A, Millar K, Sattar N, Shiels P, Tannahill C
Bmc Public Health


A rapid health needs assessment of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.
11. Velupillai Y; McEwen J
Journal Of Public Health Medicine


When is referral to a Specialist Palliative Care Team appropriate?
14. Velupillai Y, Welsh J and McEwen J
Palliative Medicine DOI: doi:10.1191/026921600672282827