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Dr. Vincent O'Brien


Vincent joined the Mixed Signal IC Research group as a M.Eng student in 2007. In 2009 he completed his research masters titled 'A High Precision Analog Signal Generator for ADC Test' and thereafter was employed as a Research Assistant with the Mixed Signal IC Research group within the centre. His research is primarily focused on the area of mixed signal IC design and test with specific interest in the design of sigma delta digital to analog converters. Since 2012 he has been pursuing a Ph.D. entitled 'Mismatch and Inter-Symbol Interference Shaping Using Dynamic Element Matching'.

Research Interests

My research is focused on developing digital signal processing techniques for use in digital to analog converters, and the design and implementation of built-in self-test algorithms for analog to digital converters.

Professional Activities


  • 2013 US 8386209 B2 - 'Testing System', A programmable On-chip Test and Measurement Platform for Analog to Digital Converters.


  • Member, IEEE


Conference Publication


IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference, (APEC)
Mooney, J; Halton, M; Iordanov, P; O'Brien, V;
DOI: 10.1109/APEC.2015.7104752


IEEE European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design, (ECCTD)
Mo H., Kennedy M. P., O'Brien V. and Mullane B.


IEEE European Test Symposium, (ETS)
O'Brien V., Mullane M., Fleischmann T., and MacNamee C.

Peer Reviewed Journal


Analysis of Feedback Predictive Encoder Based ADCs
Scanlan A., O'Hare D., Halton M., O'Brien V., Mullane B., and Thompson E.
Compel-The International Journal For Computation And Mathematics In Electrical And Electronic Engineering