Dr Siobhán Griffin is an assistant professor in the Dept of Psychology.

She is a graduate of the B.Ed in Psychology and Education program in Mary Immaculate College (2015), and graduated with her PhD in Psychology from UL in 2020. Prior to her current position, she worked as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Dept of Psychology and Neuroscience in Baylor University (Texas, USA), a postdoctoral researcher as part of an ERC grant awarded to Prof Orla Muldoon, and as a lecturer in the Department.

Siobhán is currently a member of the Division of Health Psychology (DHP) committee of the Psychological Association of Ireland (PSI). She is also an active member of a number of professional societies including the PSI, the American Psychosomatic Society (APS), and the Society of Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP).

She is a member of the Centre for Social Issues in Research (CSI-R) and the Study of Anxiety, Stress, and Health Laboratory (SASHLab) in UL.

Research Interests
Siobhán is particularly interested in how social and psychological factors can influence psychological well-being and physical health. Much of her research has focused on how emotion regulation ability relates to cardiovascular responses to stress. She also examines how social group memberships can influence well-being and objective indices of stress during life transitions. Furthermore, working in conjunction with NGOs she is exploring what group-based factors may help facilitate adaption and recovery from trauma, and what can promote the development of post-traumatic growth. As part of her current fellowship she is learning novel methodologies in stress measurement (e.g., metabolic uncoupling) to tease apart the associations between depression, cardiovascular disease risk, and social identity.​​ Siobhán is an advocate of open-science principles and of large-scale multi-site projects to examine and test psychological phenomena.

Professional Activities


  • 2023 Division of Health Psychology, PSI,
  • 2021 Program Comittee, American Psychosomatic Soceity,
  • 2019 Departmental Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team,


  • 2023 Baylor University, Texas (HORIZON Europe) - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Global Fellow
  • 2021 University of Limerick - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • 2019 University of Limerick - Lecturer below the bar


  • 2022 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Global Fellowship
  • 2021 - Seeding Innovative Open Science Methods: A Registered Report of
  • 2021 - Adjustment to University: A Biomarker Study
  • 2020 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Seal of Excellence
  • 2020 - Well-being in Childcare Educators: A Replication Study.
  • 2015 - Departmental Assistantship
  • 2015 - Presidents Scholarship Award


  • 2020 University of Limerick - PhD
  • 2015 Mary Immaculate College - B.Ed


  • Psychological Society of Ireland , Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)
  • Division of Health Psychology, Division of Health Psychology (DHP), PSI
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology , Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP)
  • Society for Psychophysiology Research, Society for Psychophysiology Research (SPR)
  • American Psychosomatic Society, American Psychosomatic Society


  • Invited member of the American Psychosomatic Society (APS) program organising committee for the 2022 and 2023 annual meeting.

Peer Reviewed Journals


National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic

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