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Dr. Shalini Singh


Dr. Shalini Singh is a tenure-track Lecturer at the Department of Chemical Sciences, University of Limerick. After 1st class honors in MSc (Chemistry) from DDU University India, she received a research fellowship by Depart. of Sci. and Tech., India to carry research on polymeric membranes and electro-membrane processes in Gujarat India. Following this, she moved to Limerick, Ireland to pursue PhD under the supervision of Prof. Kevin M. Ryan at University of Limerick with INSPIRE structured PhD Programme. In 2016, she received PhD degree for her work on designing multicomponent metal chalcogenide semiconductor nanocrystals using methods of colloidal chemistry. She subsequently joined Ghent University, Belgium to explore the surface chemistry of colloidal nanocrystals systems using solution NMR technique as a toolbox. She was awarded the prestigious FWO (Research Foundation, Flanders Belgium) postdoctoral grant in 2017 to work on designing novel semiconductors for photonic applications in the same group where she is working currently. She has published >20 research articles in high impact journals with average IF ~ 7.4. Her research interest is focused on the development of shape, phase, and compositionally tunable colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals for energy conversion applications along with surface dynamic study and optoelectronic properties tuning of semiconductor nanocrystals. She is currently co-supervising 4 PhD students.

Research Interests

Research interests
1. Material Design – Nanomaterial synthesis via bottom-up and top-down approaches with special interest in functional 2-dimensional nanocrystals and nanocomposites.
2. Surface Chemistry Study – Using NMR (Solution and Solid State), Electron Microscopy and XPS as tool-box to study surface dynamics of nanomaterials.
3. Energy Conversion and storage – Application of nanomaterials in catalysis and battery applications

Teaching Interests

Organic Chemistry

Professional Activities


  • 2017 - FWO Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship
  • 2015 - Irish Lindau Laureate Meeting Grant
  • 2011 - INSPIRE (INSPIRE-Integrated Nanoscience Platform for Ireland) PhD Fellowship
  • 2009 - Department of Science & Technology, India-Junior Research Fellowship


Peer Reviewed Journal


Colloidal Cu2ZnSn(SSe)4 (CZTSSe) Nanocrystals: Shape and Crystal Phase Control to Form Dots, Arrows, Ellipsoids, and Rods
Singh, Shalini,Liu, Pai,Singh, Ajay,Coughlan, Claudia,Wang, Jianjun,Lusi, Matteo,Ryan, Kevin M.
Chemistry Of Materialschemistry Of Materials DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b01399