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Dr. Pauline Boland


I am an occupational therapist and researcher with over 15 years experience working with people with complex neurological conditions and their families. I have lived and worked in Ireland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. I obtained my Masters in Health Science (Rehabilitation) from the University of Otago in 2011, focusing on how couples cope when one of them has Multiple Sclerosis. In addition to other research projects related to distance taught post-registration programmes, goal setting and the experience of living with traumatic brain injury and evaluating community programmes for people living with cancer and COPD, I completed my PhD with the University of Otago in 2016. My PhD research focused on how equipment is prescribed and used after someone has a stroke, fromthe perspective of the person using equipment as well as the service which provides equipment. I have taught on different post graduate programmes at the Rehabilitation, Teaching and Research Unit and been a tutor for clinical reasoning groups with Primary Care Department at the University of Otago in Wellington, I returned to work in Ireland in May 2016 as Lecturer on the MSc OT programme.

Research Interests

My clinical occupational therapy background has been with people with complex neurological impairments and their families and my research interests have remained aligned with the priorities of these groups. As evidenced by my Masters and PhD studies, along with research experience, I am motivated to complete research which details how people with progressive and chronic conditions can maximise participation in their community and maintain resilience and engagement in valued occupations. This in turn leads to my commitment to supporting disability and health services, by enabling health professionals to understand and apply evidence based practice. I have practiced inter-professionally and this experience has strengthened my interest in teaching and researching about inter-professional education as well as practice areas which affect all allied health professionals.

Teaching Interests

I have a passion for working in healthcare which I am keen to share. I think this positions me well in terms of making the content

relevant and engaging for the students I teach - I teach about things I have seen work well and not so well and I care about these

topics, for the sake of the students themselves and the people they will eventually work with in healthcare settings. I believe the

role of healthcare professional is one of responsibility and privilege and this comes through in all that I teach. I have witnessed

the growing emphasis for evidence based practice in healthcare and therefore I place this as a priority in how and what I teach. I

have worked with a diverse range of people as an occupational therapist and I genuinely enjoyed seeing my clients grow, learn

and work out the best way for THEM, as individuals, to develop and achieve their goals- this same interest is true in my teaching.

Professional Activities


  • 2015 Member, Association of Occupational Therapy in Ireland


  • 2012 - Research and Education Grant
  • 2012 - University of Otago Health Scholarship for PhD studies
  • 2012 - Best Post-graduate Neurology Abstract Prize
  • 2011 - Best Emerging Researcher Prize
  • 2010 - Health Research Council Scholarship:Disability Related Grant
  • 2009 - Best Overall Result in Class for Research Methods: 2009


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