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Dr. Patrick Ryan

BA, D Clin Psych Doc


I have been practising as a clinical psychologist for twenty three years with my current practice oriented towards adult mental health, clinical supervision and trauma in the area of sexual offending in youth populations. My current research is focused on exploring causes of sexual abuse from a qualitative perspective as well as understanding the factors that contribute to the profiles of youth offenders.

Research Interests

Applied developmental psychology; Attachment theory and practice; Supported employment for people with disability;Clinical supervision; Sexual Abuse; PTSD;

Teaching Interests

I currently teach in the area of mental health management; attachment and relationship factors in clinical formulation; youth offending; and trauma.

Professional Activities


  • 2013 Membership Qualifications Validation Committee,


  • 2012 University of Limerick - Head of Department
  • 2005 University of Limerick - Director of Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology
  • 2002 The Psychological Society of Ireland - Director of Training & Accreditation
  • 2001 Brothers of Charity Services - Senior Clinical Psychologist
  • 1998 Mid Western Health Board - Clinical Psychologist


  • 2004 - Recognition of Service
  • - Recognition of Service Award


  • 1998 , The Psychological Society of Ireland


  • 1996 Queens University of Belfast - DPsych
  • 1991 Queens University of Belfast - B.A.


  • French
  • Gaeilge (Irish)


  • - Psychological Consultant to RTE TV Crime series "Cracking Crime
  • - *
  • - *
  • - Employee Assistance Consultant
  • - Family law
  • - Psychological Consultant to RTE TV & StopWatch Productions "21st CenturyChild" Series
  • HSE - Child Protection
    Pain Medicine
    Youth Offending


Other Publication

Peer Reviewed Journal


How social context impacts on the development, identification and treatment of mental and substance use disorders among young people - a qualitative study of health care workers
Leahy, D.a , Schaffalitzky, E.a , Armstrong, C.a , Latham, L.b , McNicholas, F.c , Meagher, D.a , Nathan, Y.a , O’Connor, R.a , O’Keane, V.d , Ryan, P.e , Smyth, B.P.f , Swan, D.a , Cullen, W.c
Irish Journal Of Psychological Medicine DOI: 10.1017/ipm.2014.70


Primary care and youth mental health in Ireland: qualitative study in deprived urban areas
Leahy, D,Schaffalitzky, E,Armstrong, C,Bury, G,Cussen-Murphy, P,Davis, R,Dooley, B,Gavin, B,Keane, R,Keenan, E,Latham, L,Meagher, D,McGorry, P,McNicholas, F,O'Connor, R,O'Dea, E,O'Keane, V,O'Toole, TP,Reilly, E,Ryan, P,Sanci, L,Smyth, BP,Cullen, W
BMC family practice DOI: 10.1186/1471-2296-14-194


Primary care and youth mental health in Ireland: Qualitative study in deprived urban areas
Leahy, D., Schaffalitzky, E., Armstrong, C.,Bury, G., Cussen-Murphy, P., Davis, R., Dooley, B., Gavin, B., Keane, R., Keenan, E., Latham, L., Meagher, D., McGorry, P., McNicholas, F., O'Connor, R., O'Dea, E., O'Keane, V., O'Toole, T., Reilly, E., Ryan, P., Sanci, L., Smyth, B.P. and Cullen, W.
Bmc Family Practice