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Dr. Marie-Therese Batardiere


Since taking up my appointment at the University of Limerick in 1985, I have been responsible for the development of courses in French -course design, course implementation and supervision of the team of teachers- for students of Business Studies which culminated in the establishment of a new degree programme in Business Studies and a Modern Language.
Co-founder in 1989 of the Erasmus student exchange between the University of Limerick and my former university in Angers, I am a strong advocate of an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach in the classroom and have modified various language programmes to allow the joint participation of Erasmus and Irish students. In 1997, I was awarded the first Teaching Fellowship by UL. It entailed working on a project to enhance ‘teaching' and ‘learning' at UL & to propose an action plan. This gave me the opportunity to devise a language learning framework to enhance students' language skills.
I completed my Ph.D thesis in 2002 with Trinity College Dublin; my research focused on the second language grammatical development of university-level learners experimenting immersion in the target language.
I have been involved for many years in the field of education first as a member of the training team for secondary school teachers of French under the guidance of the Department of Education (Dublin) and now as a Language Module Coordinator of the Professional Diploma in Education at the University of Limerick.
As digital technologies became available, I moved towards a more blended learning approach and integrated these technologies into our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This leads me to be at the forefront of a number of European computer-mediated communication projects
to enhance language learning/teaching and promote intercultural dialogue.

Professional Activities


  • Committee member, One Voice for Languages
  • Committee member, The Irish Association for Apllied Linguistics



Book Chapter


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Conference Contribution


Digital tools for MFL: Moving forward
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Conference Publication


ICT for Language Learning. Florence, Italy.
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Peer Reviewed Journal


Facilitating a face-to-face tandem language exchange on a university campus
Batardière, M-T, & Jeanneau, C.
Studies In Self-Access Learning Journal