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Dr. Jacqueline Walker


Dr Jacqueline Walker B.A., B.E. (Hons I), PhD is an expert in synchronization, time and frequency transfer. She has worked on developing systems for time transfer and also made contributions to techniques reducing the probability of metastable failure in digital systems. Dr Walker also has expertise in biomedical, speech and music signal processing, including postgraduate research student supervision and involvement in funded research projects including as Principal Investigator. She is with the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick, Ireland where she currently lectures in Cloud Computing, Digital Electronics and Mobile and Wireless Communications.

Research Interests

Telecommunications: synchronization and end-to-end timing transfer in networks including satellite networks, jitter; Metastability.
Signal processing, especially nonlinear signal processing in a range of application areas: Biomedical: blind deconvolution to recover MUAP from EMG signals, inverse filtering to recover firing patterns; Speech: deconvolution and inverse filtering to recover glottal source, glottal source modelling and analysis; Music: polyphonic music transcription, polyphonic pitch detection, onset detection; Higher Order Statistics, especially bispectrum;

Professional Activities


  • 1997 Curtin University of Technology - Ph.D.
  • 1993 University of Western Australia - Bachelor of Engineering


  • French
  • Italian


Book Chapter


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Conference Publication


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Peer Reviewed Journal


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