Freda Mishan is a University of Limerick Emeritus Lecturer. Her publications and research are mainly in the area of language learning materials development, including the impact of technology on materials development, blended learning, ESOL and intercultural language learning materials. Publications include Materials Development for TESOL (2015, co-authored with Ivor Timmis), Designing Authenticity into Language Learning Materials (2005) (Chinese edition, 2023), the edited book ESOL Provision in the UK and Ireland: Challenges and Opportunities (2019), four co-edited books, and chapters in volumes such as The Routledge Handbook of Materials Development for Language Teaching (2022), Authenticity in Materials Development for Language Learning (2017) and The Cambridge Guide to Blended Learning for Language Teaching (2016). Recent journal articles include The Global ELT coursebook: A case of Cinderella's slipper? published in the journal Language Teaching (2020). Forthcoming publications include a co-written book (with Tamas Kiss) Developing Intercultural Language Learning Materials: From principle to practice within the series Routledge Research and Resources in Language Teaching and a chapter in Developing Materials for Language Teaching, 3rd Edition (2023). Freda Mishan is also editor of the Materials Development Association (MATSDA) journal, Folio.

Research Interests

Materials development. Blended learning. Digital learning. ESOL. Intercultural language learning materials.

Professional Activities


  • 2014 ELT Journal peer review panel,
    ELT Journal is a quarterly publication for all those involved in English Language Teaching (ELT), whether as a second, additional, or foreign language, or as an international Lingua Franca. The journal links the everyday concerns of practitioners with insights gained from relevant academic disciplines such as applied linguistics, education, psychology, and sociology.


  • 2005 University of Limerick - Junior Lecturer
  • 2004 University of Limerick - ELT lecturer (Grade: Teaching Assistant)
  • 1992 University of Limerick - ELT teacher & teacher trainer
  • 1990 University of Limerick - Assistant co-ordinator (part-time)
  • 1986 University of the Negev - EAP/ESP lecturer
  • 1984 Language Studies Ltd - Manager/Director of studies
  • 1982 Advanced Language Systems - Business English teacher
  • 1979 Inlingua School of Languages - EFL teacher


  • 2002 - EUROCALL Research Award, joint runner up
  • 2001 - IRCHSS Post-doctoral scholarship


  • 2000 University of Limerick - Ph.D.
  • 1993 University of Surrey - M.A. TESOL/Linguistics


  • Leeds Metropolitan (Beckett) University - External Examiner on MA in ELT Materials Development, Leeds Metropolitan (Beckett University


  • Italian
  • French
  • Hebrew


  • Editor, MATSDA journal 'Folio'. MATSDA committee member, MATSDA (Materials Development Association)

Peer Reviewed Journals


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Demystifying Blended Learning

Mishan, F (2014) Demystifying Blended Learning. London : Bloomsbury Academic Developing Materials for Language Teaching


Studies of Pedagogy

Freda Mishan (2012) Studies of Pedagogy. London : Continuum Applied Linguistics and Materials Development


Modes of Delivery

Freda Mishan (2012) Modes of Delivery. London : Continuum Applied Linguistics and Materials Development


Materials Used in Western Europe

Mishan, F; Prodromou, L (2008) Materials Used in Western Europe. Materials in Use A Critical Review of English Language Learning Materials

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Hall, T. and Mishan, F. (1997) IMWATC. :*-*

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This author has not written any publications of this type yet.

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