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Dr. Emmet O'Reilly



Emmet is currently a lecturer in polymer/organic chemistry in the Department of Chemical Sciences and the course director for the BSc in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry. He completed his undergraduate studies (Analytical Science - DCU) in 2004 and doctoral studies in 2008 (PhD in Polymer Chemistry - Biomedical Diagnostics Institute - DCU). In 2010 he was awarded an Marie Curie post-doctoral fellowship and took up a position with the CNRS in Montpellier, France, returning to Ireland in 2013.

Emmet's research involves investigating novel polymeric materials for applications in bio-sensing and pharmaceutical processing. He has extensive experience in polymer characterization and synthesis of electroactive polymeric materials. He is an active member of the Bernal Institute currently leading a group of 7 researchers at the including 2 Marie Curie Research Fellows, 1 Post-doctoral researcher and 4 postgraduate students. He as co-authored multiple peer reviewed articles and acts as an international accreditation assessor for the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Research Interests

My research focuses on the design, synthesis and characterisation of stimuli-responsive polymeric materials for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

Specific research strands include;

  • Synthesis of bio-degradable electroactive polymeric materials for in-vitro/in-vivo diagnostics and disposable electronics.
  • Hydrogel/Silicone porous materials with tunable mechanical properties.
  • Novel polymeric materials/processing approaches for improved pharmaceutics.

Core competencies include;

  • Polymer synthesis/characterisation/functionalisation.
  • Electrochemistry and Electrochemiluminescence (ECL).
  • Spray-drying, NMR, Mass Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry.

Research is currently funded by Science Foundation Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, EU-Commission and the Irish Research Council.

Teaching Interests

Course Director: BSc. Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry

Current modules:
CH4103 Organic Chemistry 2A
CH4015 Organic Chemistry 4
CH4306 Analytical Chemistry 4
BC4401 Introduction to Biochemistry

Professional Activities


  • 2015 University of Limerick - Specialist Diploma in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship
  • 2008 Biomedical Diagnostics Institute - Dublin City University - PhD
  • 2004 Dublin City University - BSc (Hons)


  • 2014 S&E Research Committee,
  • 2013 CES Safety Committee ,


  • 2013 Associate Member (AMRSC) , Royal Society of Chemistry


  • 2010 - Marie Curie Fellowship


  • IPSEN Pharmaceuticals - Quality Control Analyst


  • French

Research Collaborators

  • Conor Hogan - External Examiner - La Trobe University -Australia
  • Lynn Dennany - Joint Publication - University of Strathclyde -Scotland
  • Paolo Bertoncello - Joint Publication - Swansea University -Wales
  • Paolo Bertoncello - External Examiner - Swansea University -Wales
  • Patrice Mollard - Joint Publication - Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle (IGF) -France
  • Paul Conroy - Joint Publication - Monash University -Australia


Conference Contribution


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Conference Publication


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Peer Reviewed Journal


An investigative study on the effect of pre-coating polymer solutions on the fabrication of low cost anti-adhesive release paper
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