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Dr. Elaine Murtagh


Elaine Murtagh is a Senior Lecturer in Physical Education in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences. Elaine was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Physical Education) and a PhD from Ulster University. She also holds a Specialist Diploma in Teaching, Learning & Scholarship from the University of Limerick.

Elaine joined UL in March 2020. Prior to this appointment she was a lecturer in Physical Education at Mary Immaculate College (MIC), Limerick from 2008. Elaine also held the post of Athena SWAN Project Director at MIC and led the College's successful application for a Bronze Institutional award.

Elaine is currently Co-Chair of the World Health Organisation's HEPA Europe (European network for the promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity) working group on children and young people. From 2014-2017 Elaine served as Co-Director of PEPAYS Ireland, a national research centre examining issues relating to Physical Education, Physical Activity and Youth Sport across the lifespan.

Research Interests

Elaine Murtagh's research interests are in physical activity and physical education. Her work focuses on developing and evaluating programmes to enhance physical activity opportunities for children and adults. She also examines the effect of physical activity on health. Elaine has co-authored approx 50 peer-reviewed journal articles to date.

Current projects include:

  • Learning in Motion: embedding gender-responsive, play-based pedagogies in teacher education in Palestine
  • Development of a National Statement on Physical Literacy
  • Moving to Learn Ireland Practitioner Forum: A forum for teachers to engage with and share practice of a movement integration programme for primary school children
  • Supporting Our Lifelong Engagement: Mothers and Teens Exercising (SOLE MATES)

Research Collaborators

  • Prof Marie Murphy - International Collaboration Type - University of Ulster -Northern Ireland -.
  • Dr Sarahjane Belton - Joint Publication - Dublin City University
  • Prof Charlie Foster - Joint Publication - University of Bristol -England
  • Prof Philip Morgan - University of Newcastle -Australia
  • Dr Karen Milton - University of East Anglia -England
  • Dr Rosemarie Martin
  • Dr Richard Bowles
  • Dr Wesley O'Brien - University College Cork
  • Dr Jaimie McMullen - University of Northern Colorado


Other Journal

Other Publication


Peer Reviewed Journal


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