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Dr. Denise Croker

BSc, PhD


Industrial chemist turned chemical engineer, my career to-date has been earned between industry and academia. My PhD was an industrially based reseach project at the alumina refinery Aughinish Alumina in Askeaton, Co. Limerick. I investigated a unit operation at this site, mimicing the plant reaction in a lab-scale autocalve at in-situ synchrotron facility. I subsequently joined the company for a period as a process engineer. I returned to UL as a post doctorate researcher with the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster. This involved managing the day-day activities of a group of post-graduate research student, and conducting research around crystallization and associated phenomena. I became very interested in the pahramceutical industry and moved to the real world of pharma in a transition to MSD (Merck, Sharpe & Dohme) as a project engineer, where I worked mainly on the commercialization of new products.
I have just recently returned to UL as a lecturer for the BEng Chemical & Biochemical Engineering program and look forward to teaching and informing students, while establishing research activities and remaining connected to industry.

Research Interests

Crystal engineering - cocrystallization

Crystallization processes

Use of process analytical technologies

Process Optimisation

Industrial crystallization

Academic-industrial collaborations

Teaching Interests

I will be teaching within the BEng Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
with initial responsibility for:
Bioprocess Engineering 1
Bioprocess Engineering 2

Professional Activities


  • 2013 Chartered Member, Institution of Chemical Engineers
  • 2013 Chartered Engineer, Engineering Council


  • 2011 MSD Ballydine - Project Engineer
  • 2009 Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster - Post Doctorate Researcher
  • 2007 Aughinish Alumina - Process Engineer


  • 2007 University of Limerick - PhD
  • 2004 University of Limerick - BSc (Hons)


Other Publication


In situ time-resolved synchrotron diffraction studies of high temperature Bayer digestion. Proceedings of the 7th International Alumina Quality Workshop, AQW Inc., Perth, Australia
Loan, M,Loughlin, B,Haines, J,Croker, D,Fennell, M,Hodnett, BK
Proceedings of the 7th International Alumina Quality Workshop, AQW Inc., Perth, AustraliaProceedings of the 7th International Alumina Quality Workshop, AQW Inc., Perth, Australia

Peer Reviewed Journal


Analysis of FII crystals of sulfathiazole: epitaxial growth of FII on FIV
Munroe, Aine and Croker, Denise and Rasmuson, AAke C and Hodnett, BK
CrystEngComm DOI: 10.1039/c0ce00221f