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Dr. David Corcoran


David Corcoran is a researcher known for his work on computational and statistical physics, and earlier on astronomy and astrophysics. His research has been published in leading scientific journals in his field including Nature, Physical Review Letters, Langmuir, etc. and is well cited. He has worked with high profile researchers from Cambridge, the Max Planck Institute for Complex Systems-Dresden, the CNR-Institute of Complex Systems Rome and other world-renowned institutions. His most recent research work has been on fundamental issues in complex systems, with wide-ranging applications in fields as diverse as earthquake dynamics, electromigration in microelectronic interconnects, and pattern formation for next-generation lithography.

He lectures on General Physics, Optics and Earth Science. He has been Head of the Department of Physics at UL from 2005 until 2001,returning to this role in 2014 until the present day.

Research Interests

Complexity: Statistical Physics, phase transitions, nucleation, criticality; Non-linear physics, chaos; Computational Physics, Evolutionary Optimisation, Genetic Algorithms.