Dr. Briga Hynes is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick. Briga's teaching and research focuses on generating an Entrepreneurial and Innovative mindset and behaviours in a diverse range of learners at undergraduate, graduate and post experience levels across Business, Allied Health, Engineering, Biomedical Science, Equine Science and Aeronautical Engineering. She is an advocate of the positive impact at individual, team and enterprise level of entrepreneurial and creative mindsets as a means of creating sustainable solutions for an unpredictable future.
Delivering on this her teaching, research, enterprise engagement focus on topics such as methods of embedding entrepreneurial and creative mindsets, how organizational mindset influences levels of collaboration and innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, creating a growth mindset, social innovation and impact for sustainable futures, scaling enterprises, commercialization of research to spin out and start ups and the role and importance of innovation in healthcare settings.
Briga's research directly impacts the policy and practitioner levels. For example, her research on Social Enterprise Policy in Ireland ‘Creating and Enabling a Supportive Environment for the Social Enterprise' (commissioned by Irish Local Development Network 2016) was used in the development of Social Enterprise Policy. The recommendations in the research on training and mentoring have resulted in transformation at practitioner (social enterprises and community groups) levels. Her entrepreneurial learning research has informed National policy on Entrepreneurship Education at second and third level and was part of the good practice cases used in the EntreCompEngage, the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework published by the European Commission (

Her research and teaching are underpinned by practical experience of working with entrepreneurs, established SMEs, social enterprises and public and private sector organizations and membership of National and International advisory boards. Ongoing projects involve collaboration with All-Ireland Business Foundation Awards; Social Impact Ireland, Technology Transfer Office, UL, Student Inc Programme, University Hospital Group, Enactus Ireland etc.
Briga has successfully secured over €240, 000 in EU and National funding for international collaborative projects for the Design and Delivery of Entrepreneurial and Creative Thinking Bootcamps for Secondary School pupils, Entrepreneurship Education, Digital Technology in SMEs and the adoption of ICT in Female enterprises.
Briga has held and continues to hold a number of senior leadership roles within the University serving as Head of Department of Management and Marketing, Member of KBS Management Group, Programme Director for Postgraduate and the BBS Undergraduate programmes, Chair of the KBS Student Status Committee and a member of Accreditation Committees for AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS and Athena Swan Bronze and Silver Application for KBS.

Research Interests

Briga focuses on two research streams, one on the different pedagogical approaches to creating entrepreneurial and creative mindsets in a cross disciplinary manner and the second stream explores the dynamics of innovation (social and commercial) and leadership for innovation. Within the entrepreneurial learning stream her research examines the process of (embedded) entrepreneurial learning and evaluating new ways of teaching entrepreneurial thinking that resonate with the lived experience of entrepreneurs. Research in the area of innovation and scaling research examines the interconnected areas of transformational leadership, entrepreneurial leadership, innovation and change management in public and private sector organisations.
Both streams of research have received funding for instance funding of €125,000 was secured from the HEA to deliver a suite of interconnected entrepreneurship programmes targeted at UL researchers and with a focus on getting more females in STEM to commercialise research.
Within the broader leadership for innovation funding was secured to evaluate innovation practices and leadership for innovation in community network healthcare settings.

Professional Activities


  • 2022 Kemmy Business Schools' PRME Committee. ,
  • 2017 UL Enactus, Mentoring and advising UL Enactus team on the development and implementation of projects bringing together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.
  • 2017 Member of Kemmy Business School Management Group, Develop and oversee strategic plan and issues for management of KBS
  • 2017 KBS Research Committee,
  • 2016 KBS Joint Coordinator for the fourth goal of the University's Strategic Plan, ‘Pioneering and Connected' ,
  • 2016 ' Member of the KBS Athena Swan Self-Assessment Committee ,
  • 2016 Goal 4 KBS Strategic Plan Implementation Committee,
  • 2015 KBS Student Status Committee ,
  • 2014 Department of Management and Marketing Quality Review Committee ,
  • 2013 AMBA Accrediation Committee ,
  • 2008 Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland foster and encourage social entrepreneurship in Ireland by providing a range of direct supports to early stage social entrepreneurs and by actively engaging with all key sectors in Irish society to promote social entrepreneurship
  • 2007 University of Limerick Access Campus Board, The University of Limerick Access Campus will challenge educational disadvantage in areas of economic deprivation with particular emphasis on Limerick City South. It will work in partnerhsip with Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) to support those in primary and secondary education to participate fully in the formal education system in order that they may have equality of opportunity to access third level education and will promote and support second chance learning through the provision of appropriate educational opportunities for the adult population.
  • 2007 Management Development Council of Ireland, The Management Development Council (MDC) was established by Forfas to advise Government on the adequacy and relevance of management development provision for the SME sector in Ireland and provide recommendations on how to upgrade leadership and management skills
  • 2003 Limerick City Enterprise Board, Limerick City Enterprise Board facilitates the creation of sustainable enterprises through the provision of financial assistance,business guidance and training supports.
  • 2002 Limerick City Development Boaard, The Limerick City Development Board is comprised of 27 people representing State Agencies, Local Government, Local Development & Social Partners List of Members On Governance the Boards agreed to: ¿X work towards an inclusive, holistic strategy ¿X seek to create the capacity in the City to address change in the economic, social and cultural dimension of the City ¿X work towards the creation of equality of opportunity in the City ¿X work towards a City which is self-confident and accessing of all resources in delivering the strategy.


  • 2017 Member , Irish Academy of Management
  • 2017 Member , Institute of Small Business Enterprises (ISBE)
  • 2015 Member , Irelands Network of Teachers and Researchers of Entrepreneurship (INTRE)
  • 1999 Professioanl organisaion for individuals working in area of marketing., Marketing Institute of Ireland
  • Member, The European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Member, The European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship


  • 2012 Kingston University, UK - PhD
  • 1992 University of Limerick - MBS
  • 1987 University of Limerick - BBS


  • 1994 Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick - Lecturer


  • - Provision of advice and training for owner-managers at various stages of business growth and development. The completion of feasibility studies and business plans.

Research Collaborators

  • - Outgoing Visitor - The Women¿s Organisation -England
  • Audrone Kisieliene' - Funding Award - Social Innovation Fund -Lithuania
  • Caridad Mtnez - Funding Award - Inercia Digital -Spain
  • Eva Fabry - Funding Award - European Centre for Women and Technology -Norway
  • Evelina Prodanova' - Funding Award - Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology -Bulgaria
  • Lisa Mc Mullan - Funding Award - The Women¿s Organisation -England
  • Sonja Gavez' - Funding Award - Economic Institute Maribor -Slovenia

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Book Chapters


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Business Consultancy

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