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Dr. Brid O'Brien


Brid qualified as a general nurse in England (Old Church Hospital, Essex) and specialised in ophthalmology nursing (Moorfields Eye Hospital, London), perioperative nursing (Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin) and nursing management (College of Surgeons, Dublin) during her clinical career. She held various staff nurse and management positions, predominantly within the perioperative setting. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin (BNS), Ulster University, Jordanstown, Belfast (HDiploma Education and MSc) and University College Cork (PhD). In 2000 Brid took up a post as a Lecturer in University of Limerick where she lectures and supervises research at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels. Her current research interests include perioperative care, safety, bullying, international education and intercultural learning, transcultural care, student learning and reflective practice. Her specialist expertise is within classic grounded theory and other qualitative methodologies. She is interested in working with nurses and other professionals in undertaking furthering research for publication.

Research Interests

  • Nursing
    Risk Reduction
    Perioperative Nursing
    International Education
    Reflective practice

Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests Perioperative/Surgical Care, Safety, Reflection, Education, Intercultural education, Older Person, Qualitative Research, Grounded Theory, Qualitative Descriptive. Phenomenology, Case Study

Professional Activities


  • 2014 Educational Cluster Committee, Research
  • 2014 BSc Curriculum General,
  • 2014 Perioperative PPPG's Steering Group,
  • 2013 Curriculum development committee for: Grad Dip/MSc Speciality Programmes ,
  • 2007 Practice Learning Environment Audit Committee , Auditing
  • 2007 Lionra,
  • 2006 Academic Council October ,
  • 2006 15th International Reflective Practice Conference , Organise the 15th International Reflective Practice Conference
  • 2006 UL Equal Opportunity Committee ,
  • 2005 Dignity and Respect Committee - Designated Contact Persons Panel,
  • 2003 Local Joint Working Group,
  • 2001 Student Status,
  • 2000 Health and Safety committee Life Sciences U.L.,
  • 2000 Policy committee MWHB,
  • 1998 MWHB Advisory committee,
  • 1996 Sisters forum MWHB,
  • 1899 Curriculum development committee for BSc in Nursing Programmes,
  • BSc Steering Group Committee,
  • Local Joint Working Group,
  • Curriculum development committee for Higher Diploma in Midwifery 2007(18mt Programme) ,
  • Curriculum development committee for Grad Dip/MSc Nursing/Midwifery Programme 2006 ,
  • Protected Reflective Time Development Team,
  • Course Directors Meeting ¿ Department ,
  • Course Director Meeting ¿ Faculty ,
  • BSc (Nursing) Competency Development Committee,
  • Peri-operative Competency Development Group 2001 ,
  • Higher Diploma in peri-operative nursing programme Comittee ,
  • Peri-operative Competency Development Group 2001 ,
  • Midwifery Representative Forum,
  • Strategic Planning Group College of Science (on staffing),


  • 2014 University College Cork, Cork. - PhD
  • 2002 University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Belfast - Master of Science
  • 2001 University of Ulster, Jordanstown, Belfast. - Ed.
  • 2000 Trinity College, Dublin. - B.Nursing Studies


  • 2000 Mid Western Regional Hospital, Dooradoyle, Limeric - Temporary Nurse Tutor
  • 2000 University of Limerick. - Lecturer.
  • 1993 Limerick Regional Hospital, Dooradoyle, Limerick - CNM2
  • 1986 Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Eccle Street, Dub - Staff nurse
  • 1985 Moorfields Eye Hospital. City Road, London - Staff nurse
  • 1984 Rush Green Hospital, Romford, Essex - Staff nurse


  • 1993 - Johnson and Johnson Medical scholarship award
  • 1989 - Whittaker Diploma Course Scholarship
  • 1988 - Catherine Mc Auley Theatre Nursing Prize


Book Chapter


Theory of Anticipatory Vigilance – a theory for perioperative nurses
O' Brien, B
Position Statements and Guidelines for Perioperative Nursing Practice Part 1


Cultural Safety in the Perioperative Setting
Brid O' Brien
Let's Learn Together, Let's Work Together: Challenges and Solutions for Transcultural Health and Social Care

Conference Contribution

Conference Publication


Other Journal


The experience of chronic illness among a group of Irish patients: a qualitative study
Mahon, G., O' Brien, B. and O' Connor, L.
The Journal of Nursing Research DOI: 10.1177/1744987113490417


What is the Perioperative Nurses Main Challenge when Caring for the Surgical Patient?
O' Brien, B
The Boolean: Snapshots of Doctoral Research


Perioperative Nurses – Making a difference to the older adult undergoing surgery.
Murphy, J. and O'Brien, B.
The Journal of Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing.

Peer Reviewed Journal


Exploring nurses' use of the WHO safety checklist in the perioperative setting
O'Brien, B,Graham, MM,Kelly, SM
Journal of nursing management DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12428


Exploring nurses' use of the WHO safety checklist in the perioperative setting
O'Brien, B., Graham M.M. & Kelly S.M.
Journal of nursing management DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12428