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Dr. Brendan Halpin


Brendan Halpin is a specialist in quantitative sociology, with particular interest in longitudinal data such as panel studies and life course data. After a DPhil in Sociology at Nuffield College Oxford, he worked at the Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, home of the British Household Panel Surve before coming to UL in 2000.

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Research Interests

Brendan Halpin has published in the following areas, inter alia:

  • Social class from a lifecourse perspective
  • Family formation and dissolution
  • Labour market dynamics
  • Assortative mating (especially with respect to education)
  • Methods for analysis of longitudinal data (including sequence analysis, and multiple imputation)

He has written and released software for sequence analysis of lifecourse data, some cluster analysis utilities, and for multiple imputation of categorical time-series data (such as lifecourse histories).

He is currently working on a number of projects:

  • Sequence analysis, especially with reference to dealing with missing data
  • Agent-based computer simulation models of spouse choice
  • Processes of educational achievement in second and third level


Peer Reviewed Journal


The Influence of Family Structure on Child Outcomes: Evidence for Ireland
Hannan, C., Halpin, B.,
Economic And Social Review