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Dr. Breda Gray


Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Limerick; Director of MA Gender, Culture& Society; Convener of Gender Arc @UL PhD. Sociology, Lancaster University, England; MA Lancaster University; MSW University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; Diploma Legal Studies, College of Commerce, Rathmines (Dublin Institute of Technology); B.Soc.Sc. (Hons.), University College, Dublin, Ireland.

Research Interests

My research interests cover the politics of gender/sexuality, migration, diaspora and religion in relation to contemporary governing processes. On-going research projects include:

-Migration, state and faith: post-welfarist modes of solidarity

-The politics of state diaspora engagement

-Gender and post-Fordist work/life

Teaching Interests

Current Teaching

Graduate Research Education Programmes

  • Director MA Gender, Culture & Society
  • Convener of University of Limerick - Gender Arc Research Network
  • Coordinator of Gender, Culture & Society Postgraduate Forum
  • Director UL Winter School in Social Science Research Methods 2014/2015/2016.
  • UL contributor to Joint Graduate Research Programme - Irish Social Sciences Platform (Trinity College, Dublin; National University of Ireland Maynooth and University of Limerick) (2009/10).
  • International faculty member for Universität Wien / University of Vienna, Department of Sociology Marie Jahoda Summer School 24-29 September 2017.
  • UL Winter School in Social Science Research Methods Winter School (PhD Training) (2009, 2010, 2011 – Feminist Epistemology and Mixed Methods Approaches; 2012-2016: Epistemology and Ontology)

MA and Undergraduate Programmes

  • SO6031: Feminist Approaches to Research, MA Gender Culture and Society (PG)
  • SO6042: Feminism(s), Diaspora and Multiculturalism, MA Gender, Culture and Society and MA Sociology (Applied Social Research) (PG)
  • SO6001: Writing a Dissertation Proposal (PG) (MA Gender, Culture and Society and MA Sociology (Applied Social Research) and MA Sociology (Youth, Community and Social Regeneration (PG)
  • SO4108: Sociological Approaches to Gender and Multiculturalism (UG)
  • SO4002: Gender: Sociological Approaches (UG)
  • SO4037: Qualitative Research Methods (Three weeks: Discourse Analysis) (UG)

Erasmus Teaching

  • Department of Sociology, University of Bergen, Norway, 14-22 November 2013
  • University of Heulva, Spain. May 2009.

Previous Teaching

Postgraduate MA Modules
UL: Philosophical Approaches to Gender (2002-2005)UL: Theoretical Approaches to Gender, Culture and Society (2006-2010) U/G ModulesUL: Sociological Theory UCC: Sociology of Diaspora; Theories of Multiculturalism; Women and Irish Society; Consumer Culture; Globalisation and Social Change.Lancaster University: Tutor - Introduction to Sociology.University of Central Lancashire: Part-time Lecturer: Classical Sociological Theory; Divisions of Labour; Globalisation and Gender and Society.Edge Hill College: Contemporary Sociological Theory

Currently supervising projects on Parental Choice in School Patronage Policy in Ireland'; ‘LGBT political subjectivity and intersectional identities; and ‘Postnatal Depression: Understanding Women's Experiences'

Professional Activities


  • 2020 - Member of Working Group
  • 2020 - Member of the Special Interest Group for the Study of the Collaborative Economy in Ireland – SIG-SCEI
  • 2020 - Researching and Advocating for Quality Education: Achieving Equality for Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth in Schools
  • 2019 - Visiting Scholar Award
  • 2015 - New Foundations Mentor
  • 2014 - Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Nominee for UL Award for Excellence in Research
  • 2014 - New Foundations Mentor
  • 2013 - Partner on Women's Mobility in Contemporary Galician and Irish Literatures
  • 2013 - Seed Funding
  • 2011 - New Foundations Mentor
  • 2009 - PI The Irish Catholic Church and the Politics of Migration
  • 2008 - UL Seed Funding Somadic Work/Life and National Technology Park
  • 2008 - PI Nomadic Work/Life and the Knowledge Economy
  • 2002 - UL Partner Narratives of Migration and Return
  • 2001 - PI Travellers' Tales. Remembering 1950s Ireland
  • 2000 - PI Immigrant Lives. Life Narratives of New Immigrants to Ireland
  • 2000 - Scientist in Charge (Marie Curie)
  • 1999 - PI - HEA -PRTLI Research Project Award
  • 1995 - Economic and Social Research Council Post-Graduate Award
  • 1993 - Lancaster University, Social Science post-graduate award
  • 1984 - Rotary Foundation International Fellow Award


  • 2017 Associate Editorial Board member, BSA Journal of Work, Employment and Society
  • 2013 Editorial Board Member, Journal of the Irish Society for the Academic Study of Religions (JISASR)
  • 2009 International Board Member, SAI - Irish Journal of Sociology
  • 2006 Founding Editorial Board Member, Translocations. Migration and Social Change
  • 2003 Editorial Board Member, Irish Feminist Review
  • 2003 Founding Editorial Board Member, Migration Letters. An International Journal of Migration Studies


  • 2016 Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Internationalisation Committee,
  • 2013 Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Scienes Post-graduate Research Committee, *
  • 2002 University of Limerick Research Ethics Committee, *
  • 1996 DION, *


  • 2000 University College Cork, Irish Centre for Migration Studies - Head of Research
  • 1999 University College Cork, Irish Centre for Migration Studies - Research Fellow
  • 1997 University College Cork, Department of Sociology - Lecturer in Sociology
  • 1994 Lancaster University, Department of Sociology - Tutor, Sociology and Women's Studies
  • 1993 Edge Hill University College, Lancs. - P/T Lecturer in Applied Social Science
  • 1993 University of Central Lancashire - P/T Lecturer in Sociology


  • 1998 Lancaster University - PhD
  • 1993 Lancaster University - MA
  • 1986 CCETSW - Professional Qualification in Social Work
  • 1985 University of British Columbia - Master of Social Work Degree
  • 1984 College of Commerce Rathmines - Diploma
  • 1980 University College, Dublin. - BA


  • - Collaborative Research Project - University of Hull and University of York
  • - Member of Steering Group HEA PRTLI 1 project - The Irish Women¿s Movement, NUI Cork (1999-2002).
  • - Member of Steering Group HEA PRTLI 1 project - Women in Paid Employment in Munster 1936-60, NUI Cork (1999-2002)
  • - Voluntary sector agencies in Britain


  • English


Book Chapter

Conference Contribution

Conference Publication


Other Publication


Breda Gray
M. Cinta Ramblado-Minero and Auxiliadora Perez-Vides, (ed) Unmarried Mothers' in Twentieth-century Ireland: Cultural Reflections


Social support structures for migrants – Rapporteur's Report'
Breda Gray
Irish EU Presidency 2004 Conference Papers: Reconciling Mobility and Social Inclusion - the role of employment and social policy

Peer Reviewed Journal


'Femiminities in STEM: Outsiders within
O'Connor, P. O'Hagan, C. and Gray, B
Work Employment And Society DOI: 10.1177/0950017017714198


Published Report