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Assoc. Prof. Raymond Friel


Raymond J Friel is a graduate of UCC and the University of Exeter and was called to the Bar in 1986. After an appointment in University College Wales, he joined the School of Law at University of Limerick in 1989. Since then, he was Head of School for nine years, Interim Head of the Department of History for one year and University Advocate for four years. He has held visiting Professorships at Boston College Law School, Western University Law School in Canada, the University of New Hampshire Law School and the University of Kansas Law School. His areas of specialisation are contract and commercial law and he has authored leading treatises on contract, tax and business law. He has published extensively both nationally and internationally in prestigious law reviews, including the International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Fordham Journal of International Law, Common Law World Review, Arbitration, North Carolina Journal of International Law and Commercial Regulation, Journal of Legal Education, Washburn Law Review and University of Kansas Law Review, to name a few.
Currently he is Director of the International Commercial and Economic Law Research Group and is an examiner for the Honorable Society of the Kings Inns in Contract Law and an examiner Law Society of Ireland entrance examination in Tort Law. He has also been appointed to several Universities as an external examiner and has been invited as an expert referee for a number of journals.

Research Interests

Commercial Law; Contract Law; Antitrust/Competition Law; EU Law; Legal Education

Professional Activities


  • 2002 Boston College School of Law - Visiting Professor
  • 2001 University of Kansas - Visiting Professor
  • 1989 University of Limerick - Professor
  • 1899 Franklin Pierce Law School - Adjunct Professor


  • 2001 Council of Heads of Law Schools in Ireland,
  • 2000 University Discipline Committee,
  • 2000 International Commercial and Economic Law Group, School of Law, UL,
  • 2000 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (Ireland),
  • 1999 Trento Common Core Project, Pre-Contractual Liability,
  • 1998 National University of Ireland: Cork and Galway,
  • 1998 Design team for the LL.M in European and Comparative L,
  • 1998 American Studies Association,
  • 1997 Board of Management Centre for Criminal Justice,
  • 1997 University Discipline Committee,
  • 1997 Mediators Institute of Ireland,
  • 1997 Association of Canadian Studies,
  • 1996 Academic Council,
  • 1996 Advisory Council for Legal Education and Training,
  • 1996 Design team for BA in Law and Accounting,
  • 1996 School of Law,
  • 1996 Dean's Group, College of Humanities,
  • 1996 Sub-committee of Academic Council on Community Relations,
  • 1996 Design team for LL.B in Law and European Studies,
  • 1994 Society of Public Teachers of Law,
  • 1994 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (Ireland),
  • 1989 Irish Council for European Law,
  • 1989 Irish Association of Law Teachers,


  • 1988 University of Exeter - LL.M
  • 1986 Honorable Society of the Kings Inns, - BL
  • 1984 National University of Ireland, Cork. - B.C.L.