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Assoc. Prof. Maura Adshead


Maura Adshead, BA, MA (Limerick), Phd (Liverpool) is Associate Professor in Politics and Public Administration at the Department of Politics and Public Administration, and Head of UL Engagement. She is currently co-convenor of the national Campus Engage Working Group on Engaged Research and responsible for promoting and supporting national policy on Engaged Research. Whilst her research interests focus on Irish and European politics and public policy, she has been involved in a number of community oriented research projects at local, regional and international levels. Prior to her appointment in Limerick, she carried out research and taught in the universities of Dundee, Liverpool, Essex, Galway and Dublin. She is author of Developing European Regions? Ashgate, 2002, co-author (with Jonathon Tonge) of Politics in Ireland, Palgrave, 2009; and co-editor (with Michelle Millar) of Public Administration and Public Policy in Ireland: theory and methods, Routledge 2003 and (with Peadar Kirby and Michelle Millar) Contesting the State: lessons from the Irish case, Manchester University Press, 2008; and (with Tom Felle) Ireland and the Freedom of Information Act, 2015, Manchester University Press, 2016. She has published a variety of articles on aspects of Irish politics and public policy and has carried out commissioned research for Combat Poverty, the Health Service Executive, the National Economic and Social Forum, and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Research Interests

Politics and public policy in Ireland; comparative public policy in western Europe; Europeanisation and the impact of Europeanisation on national politics and public policy, community-oriented research methods and praxis

Teaching Interests

Course Director, Masters in Community Research and Development
Course Director, CWELL diploma programme

Teaching areas: Engaged Research policy and praxis, Graduate Research Methods, Irish Politics and Public Policy, UL Practicum - applied research projects

PO5103 Engaged Research Design
PO5104 Engaged Research Delivery
PO5105 Engaged Research Evaluation
PO4043 Introduction to Irish Politics
PO4013 Government and Politics in Ireland
PO5005 Graduate Research Methods
PS5131 Research Methods

Professional Activities


  • 2012 - Public Adminstration systems responding to HIV Aids in Africa (€923,486)
  • 2010 - UL Quality Improvement Fund Award €28,150.00 to develop the UL Practicum
  • 2010 - (with Ronni Michelle Greenwood) collaborative work with ethnic minority women on ‘Identities, Immigration and Integration' (€5,000)
  • 2009 - (with Chris McInerney) 'An evaluation of Irish participatory governance at sub-national level'
  • 2007 - HSE Research contract
  • 2007 - PRTLI funding
  • 2006 - University of Limerick Research Seed Funding
  • 2004 - Combat Poverty research award
  • 2000 - PSA UK (Political Studies Association ) annual prize
  • 2000 - University of Limerick College of Humanities research grant
  • 1997 - Deutscher Akademiker Austausch Dienst (DAAD) research grant
  • 1996 - Joint Royal Irish Academy and British Council research grant
  • 1995 - University of Liverpool research studentship
  • 1991 - U.L. College of Humanities Research Scholarship


  • 2005 College of Humanities Research Strategy Committee,
  • 2001 Royal Irish Academy (RIA) Research Committee 2001,
  • 1999 Political Studies Association of Ireland,executive committee member since 1998,
  • 0 Subject Group Leader, *
  • 0 Joint Editor, *
  • 0 Joint Convener, *
  • 0 Course Director, *
  • 0 Course Director, *
  • 0 Postgraduate Convener and Admissions Officer, *
  • 0 First year social-science course co-ordinator for European studies, *
  • 0 Socrates Co-ordinator, *
  • 0 Member of the Centre for European Studies, *


  • 2001 Member, Royal Irish Academy (RIA) Research Committee
  • 1999 Ordinary member, The Irish Society for Contemporary European Studies
  • 1999 Consultant/Contributor on Government for Gill and Macmillan Encyclopaedia of Ireland, forthcoming 2003, Gill and Macmillan Encyclopaedia of Ireland
  • 1999 Ordinary member, The Political Studies Association (UK)
  • 1999 Associate member, Irish Institute for European Affairs
  • 1999 Executive Committee Member. (Vice President 2000-2002, President, 2002 -current), Political Studies Association of Ireland


  • 1999 University of Limerick - Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration
  • 1998 University of Dundee - Lecturer in West European Politics
  • 1996 University of Liverpool - Part-time teaching assistant
  • 1994 University of Essex - Teaching Fellow
  • 1993 University College Galway - Teaching Assistant
  • 1993 Dublin Institute of Technology - Guest lecturer
  • 1993 University College Dublin - Part-time researcher for Professor Brigid Laffan
  • 1991 University of Limerick - Part-time teaching assistant
  • 1990 FAS - Researcher
  • 1989 Students? Union, University of Limerick - President


  • 1998 University of Liverpool - PhD
  • 1993 University of Limerick - Masters by research
  • 1989 University of Limerick, (First) - BA


  • German
  • English


Book Chapter


‘One step forward – two steps back: FOI and Irish political Culture'
Adshead, Maura
FOI@15. Ireland's experience with Freedom of Information


Ireland's National Anti-Poverty Strategy as New Governance
Adshead, M; McInerney, C
The Theory and Practice of Local Governance and Economic Development

Conference Publication

Other Journal

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