The Department of Nursing and Midwifery (DNM) is committed to providing a student-centred and responsive learning environment, which is reflected in the variety of student-focused pedagogies and inclusive learning and teaching strategies adopted. The DNM recognises, respects, and responds to the diverse and individuality of students' learning styles. This underpins our approaches to learning, teaching and assessment. As well as equipping our students to become safe, compassionate, knowledgeable, confident, and competent practitioners, department members also strive to ensure that students are curious, agile, responsible, courageous and articulate. These UL graduate attributes are outlined in the University of Limerick Action for Wisdom Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2022 – 2027   

The DNM Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee provides strategic direction for learning, teaching and assessment activities across our programmes, informed by the University of Limerick’s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy 2022–2027. It is currently chaired by Associate Professor Kathleen Markey and has a wide representation from all DNM Course Boards (programmes), Clinical Skills, Allocations and Administration. 

The DNM Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee contributes to the Department, Faculty and University's learning, teaching and assessment vision, objectives and action plans. This committee nurtures a culture of teaching and learning expertise and scholarship across the Department. It maintains appropriate lines of communication regarding learning, teaching and assessment developments between Course Boards, and Faculty/University level Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committees. The chair of this committee is a member of the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee.



The Department values fostering learning and engagement of both staff and students. To support staff UL’s Centre for Transformative Learning and the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education offer a range of supports and resources.

This page provides some helpful resources and links, and we invite you to engage in dialogue with us to ensure we can capture all relevant supports. Check out some key services and supports and introduce students to any relevant resources or information. Also consider how such resources can be made available to staff and students on this site, Moodle, introduction module or advisor module.

The Department values students and their learning. We want to ensure that all students achieve their full potential. The relationship between students and staff is a particular strength of the Department and this is supported through staff and students working together in classes, tutorials and clinical skills labs.

Below you will find some helpful resources for students, and we invite you to engage in dialogue with us to ensure we can support you during your time here with us. Firstly, as you start on your journey check out some key services and supports. Watch out for supports from the Department such as an Introduction module which will be available on Moodle.

Starting out – some useful student links

Now as you get past the introduction, become familiar with additional supports and resources. All items here on this webpage may be relevant at different times for you on your journey but it's important that you become familiar, stay engaged and know which resource/support you require. Throughout your time on your programme, you will have an academic advisor and there will be an Advisor module on Moodle for you starting in semester one year one.

Learning, Engaging and Resources

Disability Supports for Nursing and Midwifery Students

In this video, Sophie a BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability) student with a learning disability shares her positive experience of engaging with support services at the University of Limerick.