The Marketing & Communications Division comprises of 5 key areas of expertise:

  • Communications & Public Affairs
  • Internal Communications
  • Marketing
  • UL Brand
  • Web



To enable UL to communicate and market its potential for growth and increased impact to all its strategic audiences. 



To deliver the marketing, communications, web, and brand support services required to help enable the achievement of UL’s strategic plan. 



To provide UL with consistent, integrated, and expert approach to promoting its core activities and achievements to its audiences and markets.   



A new three year Marketing & Communication strategy and implementation plan (2023-26) is under development, outlining the key Marketing and Communications projects with the aim of driving overall current strategic goals for University of Limerick.

Meet the team

Director of Marketing, Communications & Public Affairs:

Marketing & Communications Professional Support Staff:

Communications & Public Affairs:

Internal Communications:

Marketing & Brand: