The Marketing & Communications Division comprises of 5 key areas of expertise:

  • External Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Marketing
  • UL Brand
  • Web



To enable UL to communicate and market its potential for growth and increased impact to all its strategic audiences. 



To deliver the marketing, communications, web, and brand support services required to help enable the achievement of UL’s strategic plan. 



To provide UL with consistent, integrated, and expert approach to promoting its core activities and achievements to its audiences and markets.   



A new three year Marketing & Communication strategy and implementation plan (2023-26) is available here for the UL Campus Community, which outlines the key Marketing and Communications projects to be implemented over the next three years, with the aim of driving overall current strategic goals for University of Limerick.


You said / we did

Customer service initiative What was achieved
UL Links

With a view towards the changing news and information consumption trends among our general stakeholder group as well as with a view towards positively reinforcing both UL's but also our divisional approach to sustainability a review of the UL Links magazine was carried out.  

UL Links is now online via a digital publishing platform.

Marketing community of practice MarComms established a cross-campus informal group of marketing practitioners that meet regularly and share marketing best practice.
UL Connect FAQ's and guides UL Connect user guide re-formatted as FAQ's and separate guides created for How to post and How to manage notifications for the UL Campus community.
Senior management organisation chart Graphic representation of University governance structure and reporting lines created for the UL Campus community.
MarComms Content hub established on UL Connect Hub page on UL Connect created for MarComms, linking to internal information and resources for the UL Campus community.
Email signature The UL email signature template and guide was updated to incorporate new Irish language requirements and UL branding for consistency across UL Campus.
MarComms webpages MarComms webpages updated to reflect the key business processes and services in line with the MarComms Quality review process. Resources and services clearly linked for the UL Campus community.
Digital content SharePoint site New external sharing content site created for sharing content between external suppliers and the UL Campus community.
Web clinic In response to web editors requesting training on editing, the web team run a Web clinic.
Web editor community of practice Web editor community of practice established for those editing webpages for sharing knowledge, best practice and initiatives.
TopDesk A new call and support service on TopDesk was established for the UL Campus community for web services.
Accessibility hub A new accessibility hub was created for the UL Campus community for guidance and information with the aim of improving digital accessibility.
Style guide A style guide was created for consistency and clarity for UL's communications.


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