The Marketing team are responsible for planning and implementing dynamic and creative campaigns in support of University of Limerick’s strategic goals. Our content-driven brand campaigns are targeted at raising the university’s profile to a vast external audience, including both undergraduate and postgraduate prospective students and their influencers.

The ultimate goal of our campaigns is to grow brand awareness and engagement and, ultimately, to expand our diverse and inclusive community.

Latest campaigns

Launched in 2022, Stay Curious is University of Limerick’s first large-scale marketing campaign solely focused on postgraduate study options. With small budgets but grand ambitions, we used years of experience in our team to brainstorm a creative completely in-house.

Stay Curious celebrates the spirit of curiosity needed to pursue higher education, the diversity of our students and their individual achievements.

A resounding success, the campaign has picked up multiple industry awards. The campaign has been further amplified by the wider UL community, who are applying the creative style to celebrate their own stories.

Assets and photography for this campaign are available to the UL Campus Community here.

The campaign can be viewed below.

As a further extension of the Stay Curious theme, the Marketing division and UL Research Office collaborated to launch Stay Curious for Research.

Focused on elevating the profile of our research community, Stay Curious for Research brings to life the four pillars outlined under our Wisdom for Action research strategy, through the personal stories of leading UL researchers. Each pillar focuses on the grand challenges of today’s world and how UL change-makers and innovators are driving world-altering research. 

View the Wisdom for Action research strategy here.

The campaign can be viewed below.

Home of Firsts: A University of ‘Firsts’, UL prides itself on being ahead of many of Ireland’s third level institutions in providing unique facilities for all our students.

Built around UL’s strong suite of USPs, our ‘Home of Firsts’ campaign spotlights these firsts through the unmatched experiences of our students and the unrivalled campus facilities which combine to make the entire UL experience.

The campaign can be viewed below.

A collaboration between Marketing and UL Global, the Virtual Tour brings UL’s campus to life through a 360-degree immersive photo and video experience.

Through cooperation from almost every team and department in the university, we captured 20+ 360 images and four videos in an intensive three-day shoot. Across 15 ‘stops’, the tour illustrates the appeal of UL’s stunning campus and state-of-the-art facilities.

Action Zones feature student, staff and sports scholar presenters.

A 16th stop highlights our close ties with Limerick city.

An extensive social media campaign, heavily focused on student-created content, has driven strong engagements from both national and international audiences.

In its launch phase, the UL Virtual Tour was the most visited and fastest-growing virtual tour globally hosted on the YOUVisit platform.

Ready to explore the UL campus for yourself? start your tour here.

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