Welcome to the Marketing and Communications resources, here you will find all our policies, procedures, guidance and resources.

The resources, guidance and forms below are available to the UL Campus Community (UL Staff). Please contact the Marketing & Communications Office with any queries about our resources.

Any queries about our policies, procedures and guidance can be directed to the Marketing & Communications Division Office

3x3 Marketing and Communications Division strategy and implementation plan

A new three year Marketing & Communication strategy and implementation plan (2023-26) is available here for the UL Campus Community, which outlines the key Marketing and Communications projects to be implemented over the next three years, with the aim of driving overall current strategic goals for University of Limerick.

Style Guide

The objective of University of Limerick's style guide is to establish a clear and recognisable brand identity for the University, while also providing guidance on how to communicate effectively with various audiences through both written and digital channels. 


External Communications

Photography & filming on campus guidance for event organisers

Written permission is required for photos or videos of children under the age of 18 and for patients in medical settings. 

In situations where UL is photographing visitors to the campus under the age of 18, it is essential that the UL organiser of the visit has confirmation in writing in advance from a representative of the school or club that parents or guardians have given permission for their children to be photographed.  

In cases where general photography is undertaken on the campus whenever possible, commissioned photographers should identify themselves and the event organiser should seek requisite permissions using the Media Release Form.

Where possible, disclaimers and information should be given in any event promotional material to ensure subjects are aware that photography and video is being undertaken on campus.

In instances when an individual asks to not be photographed, UL photographers comply with those wishes. 

Download the Media Release Form here.


On campus filming/broadcasting - external organisations including media

Any company or individual seeking permission to record television, radio and/ or video broadcasts on any property owned by, or under the control of University of Limerick must send a written proposal in advance to the Marketing and Communications Office, at least 15 working days in advance of the proposed filming/capture.    


Each request for filming/recording should outline the: 

  • Nature of the filming/recording 
  • Intended audiences and transmissions 
  • Proposed locations 
  • Equipment which will be used 
  • Number of vehicles and personnel for which access will be required, including make, colour and registration number of any vehicles 
  • The duration of the filming/recording 
  • The dates on which it is intended to film/record 
  • Mobile contact details of the requestor 


The following regulations apply to all such taping/filming: 

  • No productions will be allowed which advertise or promote products, services or programmes that are inconsistent with the values and traditions of UL. 

  • No students or employees of the University can be used in such productions unless written consent from each individual to be used is obtained before such use.  

  • No production can interfere with the normal operations of the University. Any taping, filming or other production can be suspended without notice in the event of an emergency (e.g. fire, disturbance) at or near the production location.  

  • Contact Outdoor Events in UL's Buildings and Estates department to advise them of filming on campus, contact information and further information can be found here.

  • No University property can be relocated or otherwise disturbed to accommodate such productions.  

  • Any damage to University property caused by the activities of the production company shall be paid for by the production company upon presentation of a detailed invoice from the University.  

  • The production will not use the University's name, logos or symbols, nor will any of its buildings be used in the production without prior written consent. 

The Marketing & Communications Division will assess all proposals and advise the requestor of the outcome within five working days of the receipt of the request. 

The Media Release Form should be used for the purposes of capturing permission for use of media in UL publications, videos, marketing material and online activities. 

UL is committed to processing information in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The personal data collected on the Media Release form will be held securely and will only be used for the purposes described above and in accordance with the UL Data Protection Policy available on the UL Policy Hub.

Download the Media Release Form here.

UL Links, a University of Limerick publication which aims to showcase the very best of what is happening at the institution through its education, research and innovation.

In its 12th year of publication, this magazine has become a major platform for highlighting the stories of all UL faculties, departments, alumni, students, friends and beneficiaries to name a few – bringing to you all we do here at UL.

Since its inception in 2007, the magazine has profiled international academics, ground-breaking research, student innovations and initiatives while covering the visits of some of the world’s most influential leaders of politics, sports and entertainment to the University of Limerick campus, including the Dalai Lama and former President of the US Bill Clinton. UL Links will continue to share the stories from our community for many issues to come. 

Read the latest edition of UL Links here.

The UL communications team within the Marketing & Communications Division works with faculty to secure proactive media coverage relating to achievements, launches, research, announcements or events, and to develop a panel of key commentators on a wide range of issues ensuring that UL spokespeople are called upon on a regular basis as debate contributors and to provide expert opinions in their particular fields. 

Organisations should endeavour to speak with one voice and with once cohesive message. They speak as a sum of the parts (i.e. UL) reflecting a shared mission. They should speak to the media effectively and professionally, hence the requirement that ALL media relations are notified to the Marketing & Communications Division.

The objective is always to protect and promote the UL reputation, with individual departments and external partners being acknowledged also. The Marketing & Communications approach is multi-media and places maximum PR exposure and profile to the fore, and as such requires considerable cooperation from participating UL units.  

For further information contact the Marketing & Communications Office here.

Social Media

Competitions are a simple way to draw attention to key brand messaging, increase engagement on our pages, attract new fans and reward existing followers.

Competitions may be used to highlight upcoming events, drive registrations, celebrate good news or ‘surprise and delight’ fans.  

When running competitions, it is important that we adhere to clearly defined terms and conditions which should be available to participants, as well as the individual platform rules of selected social channels.  

The Competitions on social media platforms guidance document is a guideline to facilitating digital competitions on University of Limerick related social channels, intended for use by individuals who have been approved for undertaking of same by the Marketing & Communications Division. 

Download the guidance on competitions on social media platforms here.

The aim of the Social Media best practice document is to equip UL staff with the best practices, tips and techniques to get the most out of the University’s affiliated social media accounts.

This handbook, which can be downloaded below, has been designed to be user-friendly so that you can pick it up and use it as you create posts, and aims not to assume any prior knowledge.

With many people in UL running social media accounts alongside their day job, it is the intention of this handbook to reduce the amount of time needed to manage social media, while also ensuring you get the best return on the time you invest.

Download the Social Media best practice guide here.

Digital marketing & campaigns

All Marketing work and support is subject to available resources including staff and budget provision.

Due to work-load, please be advised that it may be several weeks before work can commence.

The Marketing team will advise on potential start dates on a case-by-case basis.

Contact the Marketing team here.

UL Brand

UL Brand Guidelines

Download the UL Brand Guidelines here.

Brand Resources for the UL Campus community are available here.

UL Brand Guidelines for Faculty and Divisions are available here.

Brand Resources include: Templates, Logos, Image Library and Digital / Social Assets.

At University of Limerick we are proud to welcome an incredibly diverse population of students and to be a part of their journey in education. Our communications as an Irish Third-level institution proudly features said students. We share ‘University Moments’ – capturing our students and their shared experience of studying at University of Limerick. 

It is important in the selection of imagery and copy for campaigns that we:

  • Reflect the diversity of our student population  
  • Represent featured students in the best light possible  
  • Consider in advance any possible negative feedback/trolling a campaign may attract and have a plan in place to respond to same   

Download Agency guidelines for use of student imagery here.

Internal Communications & UL Connect