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Welcome to our brand guidelines web page. Here you will find links to a range of our brand resources such as the various formats of our logo, guidelines on how it should be applied, along with our fonts, colours and templates to work with. These elements are our visual identity and by working together to maintain these, our brand is stronger.

University of Limerick underwent a brand refresh to create a brand that unifies and represents the University it to its many audiences in the most compelling and consistent manner.

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UL Brand guidance & information

To ensure quality and consistency in the branded communications representing University of Limerick a set of brand guidelines are available.  The guidelines will ensure the correct use of the brand and should be made available to your chosen external graphic designer, printer or agency.  It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure their contracted designers are true to the brand and abide by the brand guidelines.

Download a copy of the UL Brand Guidelines above.

For all brand approvals please allow the following timelines

  • Internal flyers / posters: 1 week
  • External flyers / posters: 2 weeks
  • Social media posts and graphics: 2 weeks
  • Pull-Ups and Nomadic Displays: 2 weeks (See here for more information)
  • Exhibition Graphics: 3-4 weeks (depending on scale of project)
  • Booklets and Brochures (1-8 pages): 2 week
  • Booklets and Brochures (8-40 pages): 3 weeks
  • Booklets and Brochures (40+ pages): 4 weeks
  • Corporate Documents (parchments, invites and stationery): 1-2 weeks


Image of horizontal and stacked UL Logos versions

The University of Limerick’s logo is our corporate identity and should be used on all communications representing the University. It is a brand which unifies the University, representing it to its many audiences in the most compelling and consistent manner. There are two official University of Limerick corporate logos. A horizontal logo and a stacked option.


Master logo

Our master UL logo is the horizontal option. It uses both the UL Modern Green and the UL Green colour as shown here. Please ensure to use this logo on a white background where possible as it is preferred logo to be used when space or size is not restricted.


Stacked logo

The stacked option works well when available space is an issue, and allows the University to be clearly signified without compromising legibility. The preferred and recommended colour choice is the two colour option, but we have a one colour logo option available where the two colour is not an option.


Please ensure to use the UL logo on a white background where possible.


UL logo variations can be downloaded by the UL Campus Community here.

Details of logo variations, clearance and application are in our UL Brand Guidelines, which are available for download above.

Typography guidance image

Our type plays an important role in expressing the University's many needs - from sophisticated to more expressive applications. 



Saol is an interpretation of a traditional style but drawn with present-day needs in mind. The font offers modern conveniences that the 19th-century families did not: a wide range of weights, broad language support, and a set of opulent swash italic caps. Saol is chosen as UL's serif font and paired with modern sans fonts. It is used for larger to small headings across printed and even digital applications. 



Inter is a free and open source font family. Inter is a typeface specially designed for user interfaces with a focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens. The family features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text.



Formula Condensed has been chosen to express the pioneering spirit of the University. This spirit remains true today as we continue to be agile in responding to challenges and proactive in generating innovative solutions both inside and outside the lecture theatre. This is a quality we want to hold on to as we enter a more established era for the University as it is necessary to future proof our success.


Alternative fonts

Saol / Cormorant Garamond

Inter / Helvetica

Formula / Roboto Condensed


UL brand resources and guidance for faculties can be downloaded by the UL Campus Community here.

Download a copy of the UL Brand Guidelines above.

Image of UL colours

Primary Colours

Inspired by our original crest, our campus and our county. We share a selection of greens as our primary colour palette. We are green. 

Carefully applied brand colours will impart a consistent look and feel to all UL communications and touch points. Our brand’s primary colour is UL Green which is an integral part of the identity system. It is supported by UL Modern Green and UL Heritage Green. Both act to complement our core colour and give extra depth to all our  branded communications. Please avoid using tints as this will dilute the brand impact.

UL Green is our core colour supported by our Heritage Green student-facing applications or for official branded applications.


UL Green

Pantone 7729 CP


RGB 0.88.68

HEX 005335


UL Modern Green

Pantone 354 CP


RGB 0.177.64

HEX 00B140


UL Heritage Green

Pantone 3308 CP


RGB 3.70.56

HEX 003726


Further details about colour application, secondary and mono colours are detailed in the UL Brand Guidelines available for download above.

UL brand resources and guidance for faculties can be downloaded by the UL Campus Community here.

Students walking alongside Living Bridge UL campus

Photography is central to our identity.  Our images depict student life, the green campus and the various faculties.


University moments

University moments are about our students and capturing this shared experience of studying at University of Limerick. 


Green campus

We can use the unique architecture and green campus as a dynamic architectural backdrop.


Stock photography

When stock photography is required, choose the photography which reflects our brand essence (see UL Brand Guidelines for further guidance). Stock photography is a last resort only when the University image library cannot provide a suitable alternative.


An image library of GDPR complaint images are available to the UL Campus Community here.

Download a copy of the UL Brand Guidelines above.