Professor Tiziana Margaria is Chair of Software Systems at the Dept. of Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Limerick. She has broad experience in the use of formal methods for high assurance systems, in particular concerning functional verification, reliability, and compliance of complex heterogeneous systems. Current application domains are to embedded systems, healthcare, and smart advanced manufacturing.

In Lero, she heads research projects on Scientific Workflows, in particular for data analytics, on model-driven service-oriented Software design for evolving systems, and on holistic HW/SW Cybersecurity. In Confirm she co-leads the Research Hub on Cyberphysical systems, in particular regarding the Digital Thread for complex interoperability platforms and the use of low-code development frameworks and tools based on models. In the HRI, she is a PI of ULCAN, the UL Cancer Network Research Group, where she contributes model-driven design and Digital Thread competence. 

Current collaborations are with Dr. Ciara Breathnach on the DBDIRL IRC Laureate Award project “Death and Burial Data: Ireland 1864-1922”, on the big data analytics platform.  Previous collaboration with Dr. Marilia Seelaender (USP, Brazil) concerned XMDD support for patient classification as well as the process design and data management of the international collaborative cancer-related cachexia research program.

In EuSEM (European Society for Emergency Medicine), Tiziana  co-chairs the Special Interest Group on Technology and Processes of Care in the Emergency Care (SIG-TPCEC). She is member of the Harvard-led GENIE group (Global Educators Network For Health Innovation Education).

She is currently Vice President of the European Association of Software Science and Technology (EASST); Past President of FMICS (the ERCIM Working Group on Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems); Steering Committee member and General Chair 2020 of ETAPS, the European joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software; managing editor of STTT, the Springer Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer; and co-founder of the TACAS and ISoLA series of conferences. Tiziana is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and of SDPS, the Society for Design and Process Science.


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