I am Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology where I am director of research. My teaching specialism is Health Psychology with a particular focus on Behaviorual Medicine. My main research interests focus on the impact of stress on health and well-being. I am particularly interested in the impact of psychosocial factors on health via interactions between the neuroendocrine and immune systems. My current research is looking at the psychological and social factors that are associated with caregiver biobehavioural health as well as those experiencing unemployment, both of who are under chronic stress.

We are also involved with designing and delivery of number interventions (e.g. stress management, positive psychology, and physical activity) to improve health and well-being for carers, the general population as well those with chronic illnesses.   

I am also using laboratory-based research to examine the buffering role of social support on cardiovascular reactivity and immunity. I am also a member of the Centre for Social Issues Research and the Health Research Institute and Director of the Study of Anxiety, Stress & Health Laboratory here in UL, www.sashlab.com.  

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