Prof. Pat Kiely is Associate Professor of Molecular Sciences and Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology in the School of Medicine, University of Limerick. Leader of the HRI funded Cluster - University of Limerick Cancer Network (ULCaN). He is a member of the Health Research Institute, the Bernal Institute and a member of the 4i Centre for Interventions in Infection, Inflammation and Immunology (University of Limerick). The research emphasis in Prof. Kiely’s laboratory is on deciphering the localized and transient signalling events which occur in cells during migration. To help achieve their goals, his group works closely with several research groups and clinicians, and are using a series of complimentary and synergistic cellular and molecular approaches and novel technologies to investigate how protein complexes are assembled in signalling pathways. His group have a specific interest in defining the signalling pathways regulating cell migration in colon cancer and in understanding how the extracellular matrix contributes to the development and progression of cancer.


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