I am the Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Limerick. I also retain a clinical role with the Health Service Executive.  I am both a clinical psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist. 

The ambit of my research is informed by my clinical work and my research interests concern the application of psychological knowledge to improve outcomes for people with mental health challenges particularly in the context of an additional enduring medical or surgical condition, social adversity or issues of ageing. Thus my research aims to provide evidence that might be used to help people living with such challenges through developing a better understanding of the varied contexts that contribute to mental health difficulties for individuals and their families across the life span. I have an interest in strengths-based interventions and the factors that enable people to construe benefits from adversity in terms of growth experiences. I am also interested in practice-based research that aims to enhance how clinicians assess, formulate, intervene, and monitor change with people experiencing stress, distress or other mental health challenges.


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