Professor Colum Dunne (BSc (Hons), PhD, MBA, LLM) was educated at University College Cork (UCC). Colum has held senior research roles at Ireland's National Food Biotechnology Centre, and UCC's BioMerit Research Centre & Departments of Microbiology and Medicine. Following a period as General Manager of a cancer research centre focused on development of gene-/chemotherapies and innovative medical devices, Colum joined Glanbia plc as Director of Research and served as a member of the Boards of the Glanbia Nutritionals group of companies. Colum was also Director of Westgate Biologicals Ltd, a start-up antimicrobial business. Colum has published extensively and is an inventor on a number of commercialised patents.

He is a Fellow of Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland and the Royal Society of Medicine (London).

He is currently Director of Research at the School of Medicine, and Founding Director of the Centre for Interventions in Infection, Inflammation, and Immunity (4i) at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Colum served for two terms on the University’s Governing Authority (Board).


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