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Prof Anne MacFarlane

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Anne is Professor of Primary Healthcare Research, Graduate Entry Medical School, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences and theme lead for Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in the HRI. She has specialist expertise in migrant health and participatory health research and leads the Public and Patient Involvement Research Unit at the Medical School.

Anne has research income of over €9 million and extensive experience of postgraduate research supervision and mentoring. She is currently leading HRB-funded PPI IGNITE (2018-2020), HRB-funded EMH-IC (2016-2019) Ethnic Minority Health in Ireland - building the evidence base to address health inequities, HSE/UL-funded MIMS (2017-2019) Migrants’ Involvement in the development of Migrant Sensitive Healthcare Systems. In recent years, she has successfully co-ordinated the EU-funded RESTORE (2011-2015) REsearch into implementation STtrategies to support patients of different ORigins and language background in a variety of European primary care settings.

Anne collaborates with the World Health Organisation Europe as a Senior Consultant for the implementation of their 2017 Migrant Health Strategy.  She established and co-leads the Migrant Health Research Group in the International Collaboration for Participatory Health Research and is a member of the North America Primary Care Research Group Special Interest Group for Refugee and Migrant Health.


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