Anne is Professor of Primary Healthcare Research, School of Medicine, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences. She has specialist expertise in participatory health research, implementation science and migrant health.

Anne is founder and overall academic lead for the School of Medicine’s PPI Research Unit and World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Migrant’s Involvement in Health Research, which is hosted in the Unit. She established, and was theme lead for Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in the HRI, from 2016-2019.

Anne is a social scientist with 30 years’ experience of health services research in primary care settings. Anne has research income of approximately 15.5 million euro and has extensive experience of postgraduate research supervision and mentoring.

Anne was PI for the HRBand IRC-funded PPI IGNITE (2018-2021) and part of UL’s team for the HRB and IRC funded PPI Ignite National Network (2021-2026). In recent years, she has successfully co-ordinated participatory research about migrant health: the EU-funded RESTORE (2011-2015) REsearch into implementation STrategies to support patients of different ORigins and language background in a variety of European primary care settings and the HRB-funded EMH-IC (2016-2019) Ethnic Minority Health in Ireland - building the evidence base to address health inequities.


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