Tríona McCaffrey is a lecturer in music therapy at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, UL. She holds a BA in Music and Irish (Trinity College Dublin), MA in Music Therapy (UL), Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Open University) and PhD in service user evaluation of music therapy in mental health (UL). Prior to her appointment at UL she was music therapist at Mayo Mental Health Services (HSE). She has a track record of collaborative working with health service users and providers and has completed several Public and Patient Involvement projects. She is founder of the Alliance for Recovery Research in Mental Health, an international group of music therapy services users, providers and researchers from Ireland, Norway and the U.K. Tríona collaborates on music and perinatal research and practice projects with the University Maternity Hospital Limerick, ABC Start Right Programme (Paul Partnership Limerick, CLG) and regularly advises on music therapy service development nationally. She is a member of PART-IM (Participatory and ARTs based methods for Involving Migrants in Health Research) and the UL Arts in Health Network. Her research is most often interdisciplinary focussing on music, music therapy and the arts for mental health recovery and perinatal mental health.


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