My current role is Assistant Director on the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Psychology, within the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education and Health Science. 

My research and clinical interests are in the area of Child & Adolescent Mental Health. One of my areas of research and clinical interest is the clinical application of mindfulness as an approach with children and adolescents. This has lead to an interest in therapeutic landscapes and how elements of our physical space and our interaction with them, impact mental health. I am interested in a broad array of developmental disorders as they present to services including, Behavioural disturbance, ADHD and Issues of separation and loss, viewed through an attachment lens. I am interested in evaluating practice based interventions and committed to quality through evidence based practice and the best use of supervision. 

I am currently working on a Mindfulness based norming study and a project involving ‘ The Decider Skills Programme: A Randomized Control Study in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services.’ 


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