Dr Hayes’ main research interest lies in the development and evaluation of multiple component interventions for older people and people living with neurological conditions, in particular stroke. As a Health Research Board (HRB) Research Fellow in NUI Galway (2014-2016), Sara has coordinated two randomised controlled trials. She was also awarded a HRB-funded Cochrane Fellowship (2016-2018). Sara has a keen interest in evidence synthesis, having authored three Cochrane reviews. Dr. Hayes is a founding member of the HRI funded UL Ageing Research Centre and a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

Sara is the Principal Investigator on a HRB Definitive Intervention Feasibility Award (2020-2023) which is developing and evaluating an adaptive mobile health physical activity intervention post-stroke using a novel experimental trial design. She is also the PI of a project funded by the Health Research Institute Seed Fund (2020-2022), which examines the associations between physical activity and stroke incidence among younger people using a population-based UK dataset.


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