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Dr Pauline O'Reilly

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Dr Pauline O’Reilly is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Nursing & Midwifery.  Prior to this she was appointed as Head of the Department, in January 2012.  During this time she led a department of 36 staff 26 of which are academic posts, completing her tenure in June 2017.  Within Dr O’Reilly’s nursing career she has been involved in both clinical nursing practice and nursing management. Her lecturing career commenced in 1992, where she taught in the School Of Nursing in St Vincents, Lisnagry. In 2000, Dr O’Reilly was appointed as a Lecturer to the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, in the University of Limerick. During this time she has been a Course Director for many programmes including, the Higher Diploma in Midwifery, the BNS the BSc (Intellectual Disability) and the BSc (Mental Health).  Over the past three years she has worked with senior academics from UCD, TCD and UCC on an NMBI funded research project.   The work emanating from the collaborative research has resulted in many outputs, including policy documents and high impact publications, which should have major impact on Nursing and Midwifery practice, competency regulation and policy development.  She is currently supervising two PhD students and a Masters by Research student.  Dr O’Reilly, in collaboration with colleagues, has recently applied for funding from the HSE Research Awards on Ageing.


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