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Dr Pauline Boland

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My occupational therapy practice background has been focused on working with people with complex neurological impairments and their families and my research interests remain with these groups in my role as lecturer in the School of Allied Health within the Education and Health Science faculty at the University of Limerick. I am motivated to complete research which details how people with progressive and chronic conditions can maximise participation in their community and maintain resilience and engagement in valued occupations.  Examples of such research includes investigating inclusive design in public play and recreation spaces, exploring the role of tele-assessment for people with complex wheelchair and seating needs and understanding the diverse needs of carers for people with chronic conditions. My commitment to supporting disability and health services is further evidenced by my focus on enabling health professional students to understand and apply evidence based practice. I also have practiced clinically in inter-professional and international settings for 16 years prior to taking up my post at UL, which has strengthened my interest in inter-professional education and internationalisation of the curriculum for allied health professionals.


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