Professor Maurice N. Collins is a Materials Scientist and Professor in the School of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Limerick. He has successfully led the H2020 funded LIBRE consortium and is WP lead in three European consortia (VIBES, Biouptake and CUBIC). At national level, He is a member of two SFI centres, FI in AMBER and challenge lead in Bioorbic. He Co-leads the SFI Challenge project “Traceless”, is a PI in NXTGENWOOD and is involved in three industrially funded projects and mentors Marie Curie and IRC Fellows.  His research interests are in biopolymer science which includes Tissue Engineering/Regenerative medicine, hydrogels and the development of 3D printable (bio)polymers. He works on the cascading principle - whereby higher value applications are preferentially derived from biological resources, through the utilisation of waste bioresources to produce advanced engineering materials. His research has been recognised through multiple awards. He sits on several editorial boards in his field and is an expert evaluator for several agencies including European Research Council (consolidator panel) for materials engineering, EPSRC (UK),  Polish Academy of Science, Israeli Ministry of Science, National Research and Development Agency (Chile), H2020 and Horizon Europe. He has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and IOM3. He leads a multidisciplinary team of materials scientists, biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers, pharmacists and chemists. He is an avid Liverpool fan and Limerick hurling supporter.

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