I am lecturer at the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, a qualified nurse and midwife, a graduate of UCD (BNS), Trinity College (MSc) and University of Bedfordshire (PhD). Experience in curricula innovation and implementation. Committed to fostering student engagement in roles as Chair of Student Representative Forum (preregistration) and International Student Representative Forum. Membership of department Statement of Strategy Development Group, Quality Review 2016 team, Quality and Accreditation Committee has provided insight into quality improvement initiatives. I have contributed to developing and improving health service delivery in consultancy with the Office of Chief Nursing Officer Department of Health: Analysis of submissions from national consultation- Reaffirming the values of nursing and Midwifery (2016) and draft policy for Graduate, Specialist and Advanced Nursing and Midwifery Practice (2017).

Caring, compassion, person centred care, older person nursing, intercultural learning, student wellbeing and reflection in transforming practice through narrative methodologies are key research interests. Active projects include student experiences of intercultural learning, and guided reflection. Funded research team involvement in developing documentation for older people transfer from residential to acute care. I am active in supervising postgraduate students at PhD and MSc Research level.


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