Dr Louise Murphy is a lecturer in Mental Health Nursing in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, EHS Faculty in UL. Louise is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and Registered Nurse Tutor with extensive clinical and education experience in mental health. Louise teaches across a range of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing programmes and is currently Course Director for the BSc in Nursing (Mental Health) programme at UL.

Louise’s methodological areas of expertise span across mixed methods, systematic reviews, quantitative and qualitative research, and her topic focus ranges from mental health nursing, recovery, mental health, trials methodology and psychosocial interventions across the lifespan. Her PhD studies focused on the area of psycho-oncology and breast cancer. She has led and collaborated on a wide range of funded research projects at both national and international level. Louise is currently a member of the Qualitative Research in Trials Centre (QUESTS) marketing and education group, where she has organised and lead educational events in qualitative research such as webinars, training events and conferences. Louise is actively involved in recovery research and was previously the third level representative on the National Recovery Advisory Group and is currently an executive member of the Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing. She is also a member of the Alliance for Research and Innovation in Wounds (ARIW).

Louise’s current research projects are exploring the impact of recovery education in Ireland, evaluation of a peer led community café mental health service, exploring students experiences of hope and wellbeing following participation in a WRAP programme, evaluation of  a national mentoring programme, and exploring the factors that influence recruitment to clinical trials.


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